Sunday, February 20, 2011

Life With a Couple of Noodle Fanatics

The boys like noodles.
They like-like noodles.
As in like-like gonna ask them to go steady in study hall like-like.

Consequently our pantry now resembles something out of the Asian food aisle in the grocery store.

The other day we ventured out to my home away from home,
the place where we buy ridiculously large quantities of food every week,
and spend an equally ridiculous amount of money

And as we passed by the shrimp the boys simultaneously attempted to launch themselves out of the shopping cart and do a nose dive directly into freezer.
Huh, I guess they like shrimp.
Alrighty then.
So we picked up a bag or 12 of some frozen shrimp and then we saw these


First can we please stop for a moment and take note of "Bowl Noodle" rather than "Noodle Bowl".
Crackin me up.

Anyhoo, we found some shrimp noodle bowls/bowl noodles and
gooooood night look at the size of those shrimp inside!

This is gonna be great!
They screeched with excitement and joy as I placed a ginormous box containing something like 32 bowls of these things into the cart.
That's right.
I'm awesome like that.

We got home and they requested the shrimp noodle bowls and a side of shrimp for dinner,
ok then.
I'm game.

I fire up the water,
pull the lid of that bad boy back
and look what was staring back at me.

You don't see it?
Here, let me zoom in a bit for you.

See it now?
The tiniest little shrimp(singular!) you ever did see?
Please do note the size proximity to a PEA for goodness sake.
And in the spirit of full disclosure you should also know that this is indeed not the pre-cooked picture...but indeed, thanks to the boiling water, this shrimp has reached it's maximum size. 
I'm so writing a letter.


  1. You should write a column or a are hysterical! Tracy

  2. Oh, that is so wrong. Don't you hate false advertisement!?

  3. ROTFLMAO! That's too funny! Glad you're writing a letter :)

  4. laughing OUT LOUD and dangerously close to waking up 5 kids-- don't do that to me!!!!!!!!!! i had a hunch as i saw the HUGE honkin' shrimp on the lid-- but that zoom in was hilarious!! does he WANT to be a shrimp when he grows up? were they taking the term literally? oh man-- thanks for the good laugh-- i can always count on ya girl!!!

  5. lol~ i believe they translate directly from chinese (碗面=bowl noodle) and as for the shrimp.. it is not uncommon =D

  6. Hahahahaha! You write that letter and I'm gonna betya those things were made in China! And please write another letter and sign my name! Who ever I am!

    Okay- even the comments are funny! hahhahahahahhaa

  7. Ha! I guess they don't call 'em shrimp for nothing. But I'm actually surprised there was a shrimp in there at all... even one so tiny.

  8. You are killing me.
    I was totally thinking you had found the noodle jack pot we've been praying for when we return "home".
    We have become major noodle fans.
    Real. Asian. Noodles.
    Please ... keep searching for us ... we only have 17 more months to enjoy the killer "bowl noodles" in Hong Kong!
    Love & Blessings,

  9. Haha, that was funny!
    There can't be real shrimp for under $2!
    Dried shrimp should be good enough (in their opinion)
    Anyway, if available over there, you should totally get brands like myojo and nissin.
    They taste soooooo goooood.
    This comes from someone who eats instant noodles on a weekly, if not almost daily, basis. HEE.

  10. Oh, Sonia! If you read the find print it said "Shrimp Flavored", not "Shrimp Included". My girls are definitely Noodle Girls, especially Ivy. Noodles and Rice were her staple in China. Along with her steamed pork filled buns that she has at least three times a week for breakfast. They stink, but she loves them.

  11. Hi Sonia,
    I agree that you should write abook.
    You're so funny and I enjoy reading your blog so much. I've been following for awhile now and decided to comment. I LOVE Chinese adoption stories. I think your boys are awesome! All of

    Thank you for sharing your life with us!
    Lila Huggins

  12. You should write a book! And a letter to Bowl Noodle company. ;) Did the boys like them despite the lack of true shrimp? Hope so b/c you have a ton!

  13. sorry for your lack of shrimp. Lily LOVES shrimp, also. And all of my kids love noodles.

  14. I noticed along with Cheri that on the lid....
    "shrimp flavored" noodles. I guess one small
    shrimp is the flavoring!,vancouver,wa.

  15. lol
    daniel still loves those too! he actually claps when I buy them and make em' :O)
    I love reading bout your life~ so funny!

  16. Never has a post made me laugh out loud as that did--the shrimp compared to the pea--I love that you blogged about this! Hysterical!!!

  17. Love the way you write... too funny! I'd totally write a letter too. In fact, we have a file on our computer that is full of letters we've written! =)

  18. I love the comparison to the pea. Good to see you back to yourself and not too tired to blg. I sooooo enjoy keeping up with you and laughing with you. Next time just throw some of those frozen shrimp in with the boiling water. :)