Monday, February 28, 2011

My Life These Days

I have finally found my rhythem having 6 boys.
.......Or so I thought.

We were packing up to head to school and as I glanced behind me I noticed Jack heading out the door still in his socks.
Buddy your shoes are right here by the door I said, then I went and got into the van.
And then I came home.

And as I walked back into the house I saw this

Jack's shoes.
At which point I just stood.
Just stood there with my coffee cup
trying to decide if I just dropped off my 4th youngest son at school

So what's a mom to do?
No idea.

So I just stood there.
Sipping my coffe,
enjoying the sunrise,
staring at his shoes,
torn between driving to school with two shoes, approaching the office and saying,
"Exscuse me, but may I please see Jack? He may or may not be here today with

...or do I just wait.
Wait for the phone to ring.
"Good morning Jack's mom, this is the school calling to tell you that your child has no shoes today."
Decisions, decisions.

I chose option B.
Sip coffee and wait.
And ya know what?
They never called.

And sure enough my sweet little blond haired baby walked off that bus at 3:00

And I thought I had it all together.

Gotta go now, my humble pie just finished baking and it's calling my name.


  1. What a fun laugh this morning!!!
    I need to go get my coffee by the way...LOL

  2. : )

    So funny!!!!

    I'm glad things are going so well.
    Keep 'em always make my day.

  3. Ha! At least he was wearing shoes. I'm usually happy if they all just have matching shoes. No more energy to want them in the "perfectly matching" shoes for just the right occasion. Just put something on your feet!!

  4. Thanks for the laugh! You do usually assume that an 8 year old can put his shoes on so I would have chosen option b as well - glad it worked out!

  5. LOL!!! That is hysterical!!!!! We've shown up at baseball games without shoes, but never school :) Love it!

  6. hehehe...shortly after we adopted Grace, I looked down at her feet in church and noticed that she was wearing slippers (they matched her dress beautifully!).

  7. lol...that's hilarious! i bet he thought he was so cool in his brother's shoes, too.

  8. Ha! Love it! Been there and know the feeling. Not a fan of it happening at church, but that's usually where I get humbled...

  9. Classic. But at least you remembered the child. We were pulling out of the driveway to church a couple of Sundays ago when Scott looked in the rearview mirror and said, "Hey! Where's Caroline?" Sure enough she was in her room playing and didn't know we had left.

    She did have her shoes on though :)

  10. Love it! Totally love it! We're allowed moments like that!!! :)

  11. FUNNY! Oh well he survived!:)

  12. Hilarious! I bet that was a long wait!

    For some reason, I always forgot #5's shoes. I know we went to Walmart at least 2x with no shoes, and I just made her get in the buggy! Fortunately, the other times it was to friend's house. LOL!

    I bet you really do have your rhythmn, though. What's a pair of shoes by the door? :0)