Friday, February 25, 2011

My Thoughts

on teenagers.

not all my thoughts.

Just one.

(when they are not driving me to lose my ever loving mind)

Having teenagers is a bit like having a front row seat, season tickets, to biggest show in town.
The show that you have spent over a decade pouring your heart into.
And when your husband emails you a photo like this from DNow.

it makes your heart so excited to see the second act.

I cannot wait to see what plans the Lord has for this young man's life.


  1. The picture gave me chills! Awesome! Thank you, God!

  2. BTW - my husband and I were talking after I commented and I wanted to share - it is SO encouraging to see blogs where people have positive things to say about their teenagers. I pray that we'll be able to enjoy our kids as teenagers too. Not that they won't drive us crazy, but that we'll enjoy them and most importantly that they will know and follow God as teenagers and beyond!

  3. I'm with ya! My teenager and my about-to-be-teenager are joys! People often look at us like we are crazy (and others just come right on out and say it, lol) for having more than a few kiddos, and I think, "With kids like these, you have to have more!" ;-)

  4. this so much!!!

  5. LOVE to see young men loving and praising God!

  6. Aw!! SWeet!! Loks like he has some AWESOME Godly parents!:)

  7. Oh Sonia! your heart musta jumped outa your chest- what a sweet picture of J.
    and that John could capture it for you was just perfect!!!