Friday, February 18, 2011

Music To My........Electrical Appliances?

When we were in China our totally awesome guide Helen took us to a bookstore one day, at our request, where we loaded up on a variety of Mandarin books for the kids.
Everything from encyclopedia's to comic books, we bought it.
I think we ended up, in two separate trips, with something like 40 books and two maps of China for their room.

Our aim is for the boys to retain their ability to speak, read and write in Mandarin and books are certainly a big, big part of that.
Looking back now, I wish we would have bought triple the amount we did.

Anyhoo, we also purchased a children CD of songs.

That CD then became buried underneath a mound of things that I have yet to fully unpack and put away,,,, until today.
After tripping over the pile and stubbing my toe for the umpteenth time I decided to try and tackle a bit of the pile, found the CD and decided to do something put it where it belongs.

I started to walk downstairs to put it in the car and I began to take what was my first good look at the CD.
And that's when I nearly pee'd my pants laughing.
It should be noted here that I didn't actually pee my pants.....that just would have been another thing I need to clean up and gracious knows I do not need anything more to clean up. 

So would you like to take a look at some of the songs we will be bopping around to?

Yeah, I thought you would's a small sampling of the totally awesome song titles.:
  • Little girl who picks mushroom
  • Song of the wood that A is virgin
  • Girl gathering seafood on the beachtide is ebbing
  • Protect teeth
  • Clean the song
  • Wear the clothes song
  • Good father's bad father
  • Small Buddhist monk
  • Fish's water middle reach
  • Toffee haws
  • Water should save
  • Black cat's police chief
And my all time favorite......
  • Careful when using the electrical apparatus.
Now I'm certainly no music critic, but I am pretty darn sure that Toby Mac will soon debut Careful When Using the Electrical Apparatus as his new single. 
Pretty catchy dontcha think?


  1. ahhhh too funny- love the lost in translation:) that is aweome to keep them in their language- man it's a hard langueage to learn-- nat and i are doing rosetta stone- and i've got my colors, numbers, and genders down--:)

  2. lol...maybe the titles sound better in Chinese! I have two dvds that my bio kids enjoyed learning basic Chinese from called Follow Jade. Of course, my two China girls were too little to remember their language so we've also used these dvds to teach them as well.

  3. LOL!!! Yes, you really should let Toby Mac know about this new idea for a song. :)

  4. Oh my word! What a hoot! :) Have fun jammin'! :)

  5. LOL! That's an interesting mix! ;)

  6. That is so funny! Goodness, what are they about? I can’t really tell.

  7. Hillarious!!
    I found a site with lots of Chinese Children's songs on it that the nannies used to sing to my daughter in the orphanage.
    Here is the link: is the home page.
    Krista D