Saturday, February 12, 2011

Settling In.

I know I have been remiss in doing a post recently about how the boys are doing.
Plus I really like using the word remiss.
So I will sum it up in one word:

Last week, as you gathered, was rough.
Rough, rough.
Rough, rough, rough, rough, rou.....oh never mind. 
And as we are now all the way through this week I can look back at that now and say with certainty that 85% of our trials of last week was due to severe sleep deprivation.
My sleep deprivation &
their sleep deprivation.
My sleep deprivation, my sleep deprivation, my sleep depri....oh never mind.

This week has been tremendous most of the time.
They are settling in, they have some idea of how our family functions, they have much more security when it comes to things like getting in the car for example.
They now know that when we get in the car and go somewhere a funny thing happens....

They sleep all night in their beds.
They sleep all night in their beds.
They sleep all night in their beds.
I sleep all night in my bed.
I sleep all night in my bed.
I sleep all night in my bed.
I sleep all nig....oh never mind.

They are also once again acting like the brothers that we knew in China, their spirit of cooperation now that they feel more secure with us has come right back.
They will play outside for hours upon hours and they are enchanted with their power wheel(thanks Kim!) scooters and the trampoline.
They play for hours upstairs in the play room and here is what it looks like after they have dumped each bin out as they play.

Ok....yeah....I'm too lazy to walk upstairs and take a picture, but trust me. It's crazy clean.
I know.
Be jealous.
They are amazing.
And I am hopeful that their cleaning abilities will soon wear off on their brothers.

Jacob who the first few days home would have a crying fit if things didn't go exactly his way or if he felt like he wasn't in control of what was going on;
has learned that having a dad and mom that takes care of him and meets his needs is actually a pretty cool deal.
He doesn't have to do it all anymore and you can almost
bit by bit.

Joey who had a death grip around our necks desperate for love now has a death grip around our necks because he is loving the love.

Though it is not all sunshine and rainbows we are definitely finding our feet again.
Jacob still has a hard time in big, populated spaces. I think it's a bit much for him.
Going from institutionalized life to....well, real a transition. 

Joey is well....doing abnormally well.....though he has a hint of mischievousness behind those stunningly beautiful brown eyes.
Yesterday we were at the immunization clinic getting their oh-so-cute-little Chinese immunization cards put into the system and they were both dying to touch the computer that is used for check in.
Joey reached down and grabbed Jacob's hand and made his hand touch the keyboard instead.
Sorry kiddo, but I've got momma eyes.

So here we are, near 2 weeks home, falling more and more in love each day.
Praising God for His faithfulness in all of this, for loving them, for protecting them, and for calling us to them.

Joel 2:25 "And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten..."

Sonia 2:25 "I promise to get the camera out more and provide you with some pictures."


  1. Yay! Oh how I wish I was there to meet them in person and help you with laundry, etc.! :)

  2. Hi!
    Just wanted to introduce myself. Found your blog thru someone's link a few weeks ago. :) My dad was career military (Air Force), AND my hubby and I have four bio boys... so I feel like we have a lot in common! We adopted our daughter Sarah Mei from China over two years ago.
    I have enjoyed following along on your journey to bring home your two sons!
    Glad things are looking up-- reentry is rough!

  3. ok- you need to apologize to me...

    becuase when you laugh so hard that the root beer you're drinking comes out your nose...

    well, that burns.

    seriously-- there are houses for sale here right next to the academy- so whenever you're ready- cuz we could have a standing coffee date:)

    so glad things are going better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was worried that week for ya!!!!! just wait-- IT GETS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This post makes my heart happy! So thrilled to hear that the transition is going so well! Wow!!! More prayers and praising God for his faithfulness!

  5. Thankful for His faithfulness! All of us adoption oldies told ya it would get better!! Now when are you submitting another PA!!!! I really do think a Gracie Mae (NOT mine for heaven's sakes) would rock your house!!!

  6. YAY!!! It is amazing how solid, regular, everynight sleep can do for a family. Glad you are all getting some. So excited you are feeling your feet again!! (still praying though :) )

  7. I know 1st hand how that JET LAG IS REAL.
    I am so glad you all are "finding your new normal".
    And WHAT a difference a good night's sleep makes.
    And WHAT a difference prayer makes.
    God is good.
    All the time.
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  8. Yay!! I am so pleased things are getting better. Only in the second week and you are sleeping through the night! That is way better than what we went through when coming back to the states from Korea. Good job. Sleep is so good for the soul.
    And on that whole teaching your other kids to be neat.... I think it usually goes the other way. But I will pray your kids will not be the usual. :)
    Love you, Lisa

  9. I am so glad things are going so well!! I agree...sleep does wonders! I'm so happy for you!! What are your plans for school? I'm so curious to hear how that all plays out for you.

  10. YAHOO for answered prayers! So glad things are going better!