Sunday, August 14, 2011

Because I Know You're Out There...

And you...
like me...
might just be crazy enough to have one or three or seven children
I thought you might want to drool over this with me.

Check it.

That my friends, is a bunk bed.
That is a bunk bed fo 3!
Where the heck have I been?!
I didn't even know they made such things!

Our 3 Asian sensations are going to be sharing a room
so in my quest to procure a cheap...ahem...modestly priced bed for the three of them
I stumbled across this beauty,

And then I stumbled across it's $1,500 price the $500 for the the extra mattress
and then
and then it lost a significant amount of it's beauty.

Now I'm off to price sleeping bags instead.
That would be fun yes?!
It'd be like camping every night!

Fire up the smores!
Gather the wood!
Open the canned sausages!

Unless of course you are our social worker reading this
in which case you heard nothing....
these are not the droids you are looking for.


  1. Oh your just so funny! We've thought about hammocks! How much fun would that be!?!?

    We are going to have 3 boys in one small room and the current bunkbed works great but somehow squeezing a 3rd one in there is presenting challenges. Is a futon an approved sleeping structure?

  2. HOw cool is that!?! I wonder if there's a bulk discount for the 4 and a half of those things I need. Errrr, maybe not.

  3. how about a cal king, duct tape to break it into sections and sleeping bags?
    or bunk bed with trundle.
    i just moved 2 kids to one dresser to make a little more room.
    the less they have the less i pick up...
    good luck!

  4. Your blog most always brings a smile! I love your sense of humor! Your family is blessed!

  5. Oh girl, we need to find you (and..ahem, me) a knock off of that beauty!!! :) I'd love to put a few of those in our house and fill.them.up. :)

  6. 2 things:
    1. I LOVE what Nicole says... less of their stuff means less for me to pick up! I tried talking hubby into getting rid of his dresser and filling his old foot locker with all of his clothing.... and yes, keeping it in the basement b/c it's u.g.l.y.!
    2. I know I went to college a long time ago (like in the 80's) but we made our triple bunks..... just saying.... get a little creative, and have a 'making & painting triple bunk-beds party'!


  7. You are hilarious... They even have bunkbeds that are 3 high... the bottom bed being a trundle bed of course.... if you lives in Utah or near and IKEA you could get them there.... I will see if I can find a link and post it for you..

  8. Look at B36 and B38

    Or you can get creative and buy 2 of these.....

    You could make your own version of that triple bunk you want.... if you set it up in the corner... then you could put another bed underneath.....
    This twin bed matches the frame, and it should fit underneath :)

  9. I know IKEA has a bunkbed that has a trundle would sleep 3 easily. We were blessed by some friends who were getting rid of their bunkbeds that had a double on the bottom. It came right at the time my middle 2 were getting too big to squeeze into the twin we had.

  10. Ha- I do love them! We did a design like that for 4!!
    simply bunks!
    They were about $700 per bunk- you could just do a single bed along with the bunk???
    Go check it out!

    Oh, if you did it for 4, I guess that may mean you would have to adopt another little boy, hmmm

    yes, I'm bad, so very bad!!

  11. Okay ... that is WAY cool. Our boys have a bunk bed with a trundle. Much more affordable ... but not nearly as cool. In fact, I better sign off before they see that photo!

  12. Hey!
    I almost bought the same bunks bed!!!!!
    Wouldn't that be awesome?!
    I opted for the single over the double. (but I only have 2 boys at home instead of seven!!)
    Congrats on your LSC.
    Love you my friend!!

  13. "these are not the droids you're looking for" -- that is a quote a mama of boys knows and loves!! LOVED this post!

  14. Once again, great post!! You always manage to make me smile.
    Do you know anyone who is handy with the hammer? Maybe a retired carpenter that could build it for less?
    Krista D

  15. Great beds . . . Great comments, I'm liking Krista's-- I think she just gave you your next FB status update . . . "Sonia Martin . . . is looking for someone who is handy with a hammer."

    Love you girl!


  16. Your blog always makes me smile.... And to sit down with you and chat over some mochas!

  17. Our four sons share a LARGE room. Our SW says they "just sleep together sometimes". LOL! She knows they share but we do have a 4th bedroom that they just use for a hang-out room. Anyway, my DH built a loft-bed in the bedroom.It fits a queen-sized mattress and has bookcases for the ends. It is really cool. Our oldest sleeps up there. We have room under for a futon which our next older sleeps on. He is from China. The futon was supposed to be temporary but he loves it. His bed in China was not very mattressy (we have photos).

    Then we have a twin over full bunk we got from It was CHEAP, but it works. You might check there. They will ship it to your store for FREE. :)

    Love seeing your quick progress toward you son!! PRAISE GOD!!!

  18. Look on Facebook. I put a picture/message up to share with you but sharing from the website wouldn't let me share just with you, so all my friends are now getting info on bunkbeds. This one is 700, still a lot but half the price of this beauty. I think this uses regular twin mattresses too. I was looking at cheap bunk beds but you need the bunkie or whatever mattresses and I already have twin mattresses so it makes sense to not rebuy those. My kids are getting mad at me for being on the fuser too long, so I'm off to rollerblade, wish me luck. Hugs! P.S. You have inspired me. I have made tacos twice now. It is the easiest crowd pleaser to make in the TLF. Thanks!