Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random Thoughts by Sonia.

School started for the bigs yesterday
......I can hear the angels singing
......errrr....I mean
I miss them so terribly much.
That's totally what I meant.

One of them....I won't mention who.....neccessitates being woken up 45 minutes before it's time to leave
only to then remain in the bed for 43 of those minutes at which point Jordan leaps up, jumps in a 25 second shower and dashes out the door inevitbably making us a few minutes behind schedule...each day.
It's big fun.
And by "big fun"
I mean not fun at all.
It is indeed the opposite of fun.

Jason keeps leaving his retainer at home.
I paid an obscene amount of money for those teeth and at this point I am about to tackle him, hold him down and super glue that retainer to his mouth.
Unless...once are our social worker reading which case again.....I know not of which I speak and instead I will continue to gently and lovingly remind said child to pretty please with a cherry on top, if he could remember to keep his retainer in his lovingly created, precious mouth.

We seem to have a hiccup going on at NVC.
There is no record of our kiddo in their system.
That's not good.
But Super Jessa is on the case.
So I have a feeling all will be resolved quite quickly.
I think the enemy is just trying to pull out all the stops as we get closer and closer to giving this boy love and life and hope and introducing him to the name of Jesus.
Devil be gone. My God is bigger.

John is TDY the past couple of days.
Do you know what that means?
It means I can make my favorite French Vanilla Dunkin Donuts coffee in the morning.
He doesn't like French Vanilla Dunkin Donuts coffee.
He like it's plain.
I however, do like French Vanilla Dunkin Donuts coffee
though I find that typing French Vanilla Dunkin  Donuts coffee exhausting...I'd rather drink it.
I think from this point forward we should just call it FVDDC
cuz I'm lazy like that.

In related TDY news,
John's alarm clock went off at 5:30am this morning
for no particular purpose
I guess it misses him
Or he forgot to turn it off before he left. 
His alarm clock and I do not get along.
It has many buttons that I am unedukated about.
There is no "off"
there are just symbols
Symbols and I are not good friends at 5:30am.

I am wearing the same skirt and tank top that I wore yesterday.
Please don't tell anyone.

The shower is all stopped up.
I dislike that.
Half shower/half bath.
I like a shower.
I like a bath.
I do not like a shath.
Or a bathower.

Little kids are watching Tangled as we
It's the first time they have sat still all at the same time all summer.
Not kidding.

Little kids start school on Tuesday.
I'm looking forward to Tuesday.
I think I'll enjoy a very quiet cuppa FVDDC on Tuesday.

This concludes today's episode of Random Thoughts by Sonia.


  1. I find Random Thoughts by Sonia very enlightening and entertaining...LOL...YOU CRACK ME UP! I love stopping by for a visit while sippin' on a cuppa FVDDC.


    For some reason it will only let me leave a comment as Anonymous.

  2. Oh my, I am so glad I stopped by to read! You, my dear, are a hoot and a half! :) Have a glorious day girlie! :)

  3. You are great!! I just love reading your blog!!!

  4. Congrats on the school starting thing! Does this mean that ALL 6 boys are in school and no homeschooling this year? That should really free up your days. HA! But seriously, it should lighten your load a little. School starts here on Wednesday. I too am looking forward to some peace and quiet. Jackson's new cast is slowing him down and that is never a good thing. It also makes him rely on me which neither one of us is crazy about. Just now a friend chose the pool over sitting in my house entertaining my bored Jackson. Sigh. It's gonna be a long week. I miss you so much. I will pray that devil will run and hide from our God and our prayers. Love ya, Lisa

  5. THis post was food for the soul here in China! You make me laugh out loud...well, actually I laughed out "soft" because nothing is funny enough to make me wake up crazy Gracie!!! lol... Anyway...I know you're looking forward to Tues!! Enjoy!!

  6. Sonia
    You just amaze me! I LOVE reading your keeps me feeling like I'm not the only one with "fun" in my days.

  7. Thanks for letting us laugh at your expense. But, remember, we only laugh, because we've been there, are there, were there yesterday, etc. We laugh because now we know we are not alone. We laugh because ... we are RELIEVED! Thanks for relieving all of us. :)

  8. Is it sad that I knew what FVDDC meant without blinking an eye? And I don't even drink coffee! =)

  9. I'm a fan of FVDDC. Gotta enjoy the little things while they're TDY. :) I also had the immense pleasure of my husband's alarm waking me this morning sans husband. He had to be at work at 4 am so I guess I'll forgive him. :) Thankfully I'm currently not getting up at those crazy am hours. I look forward to doing that again soon. :) Hugs and prayers!