Monday, August 15, 2011

Nope, Not Today.

No blog post today.
Somehow my day got away from me
I can't remember why

Oh wait.
Now I remember.

7 boys people.
7 boys.
Lord help me.


  1. yikes! What is that they pulled out of the finger/hand??

  2. Wow! I pray everything is okay!

  3. OH my goodness! Although with 7 boys I'm not surprised, STILL, oh my goodness!! Please do share the story behind that one! Maybe we can all learn something? Today we had the "that's why I'm always saying not to play on the stairs" incident, but at least that only resulted in a big fall and a little head bump. Whew!

  4. That almost looks like mom on that chair?!!

  5. Goodness gracious! What happened !! DDDD:

  6. Holy smokes alive! I can only imagine! I hope he's okay! :)

  7. my son turns white when they do the finger stick at the peds. why?? i have no idea. we have never been the " afraid of needles/blood, etc", but if it is HIS blood, he turns white.
    if you're bleeding, he could care less.....LOL.....

  8. well, hopefully he feels better today.
    that image just showed me our future. one day....i don't know when, but one day, that will be us......oh my. "serenity now"