Thursday, August 25, 2011

Random Thoughts Part Duh.

Kids are all back in school.
So happy thay r beeing edukated
but I can't tell you how much
I loathe lunch meat at 6am.

John has been out of town overseas the last few days
poor guy isn't going to have a clue what time zone he is in when he gets home and hops on a plane to China a few days later.
Good thing he handles jet lag remarkably well.
Show off.

There is a 1 1/2 year old little boy listed with our agency who has a heart issue.
He needs a family.
And a good cardiologist.
Could you be his mommy?

When the kids are in school all day you can pee with the door open.

Please disregard that previous thought.
I'm sure you didn't want to know that.
My bad.

Got stung by a bee the other day.
Ummm. Ow.
I haven't been stung by a bee in years.
Part of me wanted to cry and thrash about, knash my teeth and beg the nearest life guard to call 911.
The other part of me thought I should instead act like a grownup.
I chose grown up.
Though I am still conflicted about whether or not I made the right choice.

Waiting on some Article 5 news today.
If you need me I'll be curled up on the sofa with my coffee cup hitting refresh.

Drawing for the last 3 Joshua bracelets and the $50 Nordstrom gift card is tomorrow!
It's not too late to enter and forever be a part of his journey home as we raise the ransom,
we are so grateful!

Joshua's best friend was adopted yesterday. You can check out all that sweetness right here. 

Finally beginning to feel like we actually live here....well......kinda.
I feel like we have been on standby mode on so many fronts recently that it has been incredibly challenging to fully settle. 

Everyday at 4:30 on military bases the national anthem plays across the base.
We happened to be at the base pool last week round about that time and for the first time Jacob and Joey didn't break out into the Chinese national anthem song whilst the music was playing.

I'm getting nervous about what is to come with Joshua and all that is about to transpire.
I think adoption is a challenge.
I think older child adoption is a challenge.
I think dual adoptions are a challenge.
I think adopting an older child 7 months after you dually adopted older children is a challenge.
I think adopting an older child that is very sick 3 months after you uproot your very new family into a new state is a challenge.
I think I just gave myself a headache.
But suffice it to say,
I'm feeling a bit challenged of late....not discouraged.....just challenged. 
Very, very challenged.
But then things like this come across my inbox and perspective rockets itself right back into place.

I was reading my devotion yesterday morning and read this,
"You will know that your tent is secure.......You will know that your children will be many." Job 5:24-25
This spoke to me for a few reasons.
Did you know Job had 7 sons?
I didn't.
He also had two daughters. Oh my.
Good thing my name isn't Job.

I colored my hair yesterday back to it's more "natural" color.
I look like Elvira.
I also have been scaring the life out of myself every time I walk past  a mirror.
I would post a picture but, well.....
I don't want to.

I'm starting to realize that 7 boys is.....well..... a lot of boys.
Yes this thought is just now occurring to me.
Yes you may laugh at me. 

This concludes today's episode of Random Thoughts.
Standby for Article 5 news, new pics of Joshua we anticipate receiving in the next couple of days, and status updates on the state of my new hair color.


  1. I'm glad you finally posted. I was getting worried about you. 7 boys is a lot but the fact that you've come this far should tell you that you can do it. God will not give you more than you can take. Hubby and I are on a hiatus in the middle of adopting number 6. I got scared that I couldn't handle it. I also feel challenged in life to handle everything. But the best part is that we are not in charge.. He is... Thank you for blogging. I love it!

  2. Hi, Sonia. I found your blog somehow, don't remember how. Your story and your beautiful family (7 boys--oy, the toilets is my first thought! i have two boys so i have a glimpse) has captivated me. You are inspiration and I am awed by your courage and determination and faithfulness. I see you are fundraising. May I share a link to your blog on my blog which will then put it on FB? I'll warn you, I don't have many readers but I feel led to try. Blessings to you from CA! Joy

  3. Make lunches the night before and keep them in the fridge. Not making their lunch the morning of school not only increases their chances of a hot breakfast, but guarantees that the kids are out the door by 7, because I do have 2 girls and well, you kind of have to fix their hair. :)

  4. He got his Beanie Baby! (I've always thought it was a Bama elephant--Roll Tide!) Is the book pictures of his family? Hope so. Wish we could understand what he is saying--"Holy cow! Just HOW many are in this family? None of these kids look alike. Are you sure I'm not being sent to an American boys orphanage? Well, at least they look really happy."
    lol! Donna

  5. So glad you showed up this morning. When Sonia goes silent we worry. (Yes . . . . I am supposed to be homeschooling, but I had to check on you first).

    "Challenged" is probably an understatement at the moment, when used to descibe your current state of affairs--but I do like the way you put it-- "challenged . . . not discouraged, just challenged".

    Love the verse--especially the secure tent part. Secure sounds good, don't you think?

    Regarding Job's seven sons and two daughters . . . I was praying the other night with the kids and I prayed that JJ's paperwork would get done so his daddy could go get him. Mid prayer Teddi needed to know why JJ's mommy wasn't going. I reminded her that you had just brought two other little boys home from China and that you had four more boys and that you needed to stay home with them (I left the the jet lag issues out)--and then I went on to say that soon you would have seven boys. Immediately she said, "Awe, that's sad" and knowing what she was thinking I said, "What? You think Miss Sonia needs a girl"? Without a pause to think she said, "NO! SEVEN"! Personally I think two girls would be good, just sayin'. But, lets get this Joshua boy home first!!!

    HE IS ABLE! Praying for what challenges you. Praying for Joshua's little heart to keep going. Praying for the Lord to "re-arrange" Joshua's heart to make it work the way it should--He is Able! Praying for your hair--okay, I'm not, but I can if you want me to . . . praying about getting some more people in this giveaway--TODAY!

    Love you friend, love the video, can't wait to see more pics of your smiling guy!

    Blessings on your "I can leave the door open" day ~


  6. Thinking of you guys! :) Article 5 is on its way! :) Praying for J!!! :)

  7. Hey friend, so excited for you...and can totally understand your feelings of being "challenged." Your family--and your big strong mighty amazing God--are up to the challenge. Thanks for taking the time in between refreshing your computer to keep us posted. Will be eagerly watching for more updates. We sent our last 2 dossier docs to our agency today...should be DTC by late next week! Woo Hoo!

  8. I had an "open door" day today too...sort of refreshing...but very quiet.
    Prayers for your heart and his

  9. Always enjoy your posts. Praying for Joshua and all the final details to be finished so he can come "home". P.S. Job actually had 3 daughters! Job 42:13.
    Gram to many

  10. Hi
    my name is Jenna and i came across your site. Your son who has the heart issue, is an amazing, courageous strong and determined fighter. He is a brave warrior, smilen champ and an inspirational hero. All your boys, are cute, and handsome. I was born with a rare life threatening disease, and love it when people sign my guestbook.

  11. Hi Sonia,

    Love your blog and your sense of humor! You're hilarious!! But want you know that I am praying for all that is going on in your life (well..all you have posted).

    I have 9 boys. Boy number seven turned out to be a girl--and we didin't sue the doc for giving us false information before the fact. I wouldn't have ever known just how much my heart wanted, or needed her had she not been born. Just sayin...sometimes you don't know what you truely desire until it comes to you;)

    So, 9 boys and 1 girl later we are in the process of trying to adopt a little girl God put on our door step.

    Hang in there! You will always be challenged on some front--God gave you a great sense of humor that will help carry you through.


  12. Sonia, I have missed your posts in the last few days, glad all is well! Just remember you (and our posts) are a blessing to so many people. We are just starting for #2 boy, older boy, and everytime I read your posts, I think this is really so doable! Praying for Joshua, praying for his heart, praying for quick travel. :)

  13. He is such a good looking guy!! I CANNOT WAIT until he is home!!
    I love the story of Job and his 7 sons.
    You are amazing and I love watching how you live life. You are such an inspiration to me!
    Love you much!

  14. I would love to adopt the 1 1/2 year old, wish it wasn't so difficult to change from Korea to China right now. So instead I'll pray for him.
    7 boys is a lot, that's why you get lots of prayers! :) Hugs, my friend!

  15. Oh I definitely think you should go for the Job thing and get two little girls. You need some female hormones around there. Trust me. And someone to help you with the dishes. And the laundry. And the cooking.