Thursday, August 11, 2011

The thoughts.

I loathe that lockbox.

I don't loathe much really.
Spam maybe....I guess I loathe that.
Pee-pee on my toilet seat from all these boys....that is definitely loathe worthy.
Famine, war, grape juice on the carpet.
These things also make my loathey list.

But man.
That lockbox.
That lockbox is steadily rising on my list.

We had to send our Sup 3 notating our move into the lockbox
so the good folks at the Treasury could get yet another fat check of mine.
I'd say in the last 6 months with these three adoptions we have single handily paid the salaries of at least a few Dept. of Homeland Security's employees.
And they didn't even send me a thank you note.
But I'm not bitter.

Maybe I'm a little bitter.

But I sense I have gotten off track.

The Sup 3.
It is in the lockbox.
And apparently being held captive there.
Without it's parole we cannot move forward.

we are getting close.
Like close, close.
And if I was a gamblin woman
I'd say it's gonna be wheels up in about 3-4 weeks.

Just thought I'd give ya a little update.
I'm switching back over now to refresh my email for the ten bazillionth time today..
seeing the name "Jessa" in my inbox is like my favorite thing these days.
Well, my favorite next to Jesus
and fettucini alfredo
and philly cheesesteaks from the BX food court
and well
never mind.

I'm hungry. 


  1. Hang in there, Sonia!!! I personally like calls from Jessa better than Emails...and we haven't gotten one of those this week either!!!! God apparently has us on the same track! I'm with you....3-4 weeks! We're coming Joshua and Rachel!!!


  2. sonia,
    this happened to us too last year. we moved after we had received our i800 approval and filed a supp 3. we got our TA 2 weeks after we had sent in our supp 3 and left that same week to china with no new i800a or i800 approval. in fact, half way through our china trip we still did not have it. what had happened was that we had filed for a new i800 approval using the supp 3 from the i800a not the i800 form. they are the exact same thing, except that one has says i800 and one i800a apparently. well that caused the lock box people all kind of grief and so they just couldn't figure out what to do with my i800a supp 3 when they new i was needing a new i800 approval. and so in their wisdom they sat on it and waited. it took an act of God (literally) for my officer to get permission for them to fax her my paperwork and she was able to process it using the faxed copies. just wanted to share in case you might be in the same predicament. if you are not 100% sure you used the right supp 3, you might want to share my scenario with your officer and see if she can contact her lockbox person to investigate. if our officer had not gotten involved who knows how long our papers would have sat in dallas!

  3. Wow, like really fast. We may be there at the same time. How cool would that be for the boys. Sorry for the big black hole of the lockbox.

  4. So, so, sososososo close! We've not experience this lockbox yet but I'm sure I'll have plenty to say about that dreaded thing! ;) Praying your info comes out of that stinkin' box soon! :)

  5. My I800a should be coming out of the lockbox today! I still don't understand it's purpose! Praying that things will go quickly so that you can get your baby home and to the doctor!

  6. Ooo, I'm hungry. Philly Cheesesteak from the PX sounds good....
    OH - I am excited to hear you're close and praying that God opens that lockbox SOON!!! Praying for Joshua and for you and all 8 boys in your life (counting your DH). Thinking of you often.