Monday, August 8, 2011

The Reaction

After our disappointing news of last week I forgot to share Jacob and Joey's reaction to the fact that anotha brotha was on the way.

In a perfect world I guess they would have said something like,
"Well golly gee mom and dad. That's sounds like a super dee duper I idea."


Instead it went a lil sumpin like dis...

This child

politely said, "No thank you." and then began naming a variety of other families that he could go live with
but that we could still be his friend and see him often.
He did, however, request that we have a baby instead.
At which point my uterus detached itself from me and took off running full tilt down the street. 
A baby?
Ummm....well....let's see....
how do I put this.....


And then about 20 minutes later he had his markers out and began writing welcome home signs and asking if Joshua could sleep in his room.

Joey had a completely postivie reaction right out of the gate....
"Joey! Whatcha think about having our friend Joshua in our family?"
"Yeah, that's good!"
5 minutes later.....
"Joey! Won't it be fun to have Joshua in our home?"
"Whose Joshua?"

That's Joey.
Bless his little forgetful heart.

All of that to say.
They are pumped.
They are ready
and my ohhhhh my
so are we.

I-800 approval coming any day now
Uterus last seen on I-5 headed south.


  1. Gotta love kids' reactions! Glad they're not upset by the news, really they're handling it well! :) Praying for the transition for them (and all 7 boys!), Joshua's health, and your sanity! Hope your uterus finds a good home. Mine has said no more babies too!

  2. I'm glad they took it well. :) Your uterus....hee, hee, had me laughing out loud! :)

  3. You know, Sonia.... you have me thinking! I have a great uterus that's looking for a new home as well... Do you think I could get enough money for our adoption if I "donated" it? I think I might have discovered a way to make a small fortune! Are you in? Lori

  4. Oh girl... you make me giggle. :)

  5. lol...Isn't it funny to be in the place that adopting from China is SO much better than getting pregnant again!?!? Crazy, really! But I feel the same way!!!!!

  6. I don't think I've commented before, but I gotta throw this out there-
    I've ALWAYS thought that adopting from China is much better than getting pregnant in the first place! :)
    I'd DEFINITELY be willing to part with my uterus for a subsidized China adoption :)

  7. I understand your disappointment with the luke warm reception. When we are out and about and someone comments "Oh how beautiful and you have five?!" A couple of MY girls will look directly at me and say, "Yeah and SHE wants more!!" I kind of feel like Rodney Dangerfield....I don't get any respect!!!

  8. You could make so much money by publishing your blog as a book. The laughs you provide me are so therapeutic.

  9. Hahahahaha! So that's what I passed the other day! A uterus fleeing from it's owner!

    A baby girl could work!! I know- I'm nuttin but trouble!

  10. This post had me laughing.out.loud! Seriously!

    Your Joey reminds me a lot of my Avery? She is always so five minutes ago. :)

    As far as that uterus.......(actually I have no words, way too funny.)