Friday, August 19, 2011

Bringin Him Home.....soon

Brown is the new black.
Pearls are the new diamonds.
Flip flops are the new high heels
(Bahahaha! I made that one up)

and these

These are the hottest accessory of the season!

Handcrafted with love not made in China.
But made because in China there is a sweet kid waiting for his family.
That'd be us.
And this?
This would be our 3rd adoption in 7 months.
Which means that our piggy bank is a little empty at the moment.
In fact I think I heard it snorting in laughter when it found out how much is still needed to get him home. 

I have got to get a new piggybank.
This one has attitude.
But I digress.

So it is with that that we come to you with this giveaway.

The last 3 available Joshua bracelets. 

One entry: $5
Three entry's....entries.....entrys?.....perhaps we should Chip In for a grammar class for me
Three entry's/entries/entrys chances: $10
and so on and so forth and such as and therefore and such and such.

One free entry for sharing on yo blog or the book of face to help us spread the word.
One entry for being a follower, if you already a follower, first of all yay you!
And second, just let me know in the comments and I'll throw yo name in again for an entry.

And just for fun we are going to throw in a $50 Nordstrom gift card.

the winner of the gift card will also be getting this Joshua's Heart painting lovingly crafted by my friend Julie.

I can't look at it without crying. But I'm weird like that.

So that's 4 chances of winning something.
And who doesn't like winning something.
And if you are saying to yourself right now,
"Well me, I don't like winning anything."
Then I'm not sure we should be friends.

Since we are getting very close to travel we will wrap this up one week from today so next Friday, August 26th the winners will be announced!
Woot to the woot!


  1. You know I stalk, err I mean follow you! Me, Pick me!! I want a bracelet, I'll pay $10 but I just want one. Pick me out a purty one!

  2. I chippered in. ;) I missed out on the bracelets when they were for sale so...would love to have one. :) That painting is amazing!

  3. Blogged it for you my dear and put it on FB. I don't have a huge following but I pray it will help!!! :)

  4. Well, what a great reason to post for the first time. We, too, have done three international adoptions on a military income, tho we spread it out a bit more. :) It's a joy to join in and have a tiny part in bringing the awesome Mr Joshua home to his forever family.



    PS - I'm a follower and I also Chipped In $20. Hurry home, Joshua, love

  5. OK, blogger doesn't like me. I chipped in $5, shared on facebook/blog, and am a follower. But most importantly I'm praying for Joshua and your amazing family! He needs to come meet his awesome (and silly) Mom, Dad, and brothers. Hugs!

  6. BTW - I am completely with you on the "flip flops are the new high heels"! Sounds like a plan to me. :)

  7. Hey, here's a comment from your favorite JBUG. Enter me!

  8. I just posted on book of face! I am going to add his button on my sidebar! I got my 2 bracelets in the mail and I love them. I love the meaning behind them even more!


  9. I chipped in & became a stalker/follower of your blog. Love how God is weaving your family's story in such a beautiful way!

  10. Yeah, just in case you forgot, 'cause I've been a lil' quiet lately, I am still following along. 'Cause when I find a friend that I think is a tad bit crazier than me, I don't easily let go.....

  11. You are awesome Sonia!! I've chipped in, going to share on facebook and am a faithful follower of your wonderful blog and your entire adoption journey. You are an inspiration! Love ya!

  12. I may be too late, but I chipped in $20 and am a follower anyway! So excited for your growing family!