Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What Not To Do When You Are Talking To Your Agency

We may have a problem.

A big

I think....
gosh this is hard for me to say...
~ deep breath ~
I think
that our agency is questioning...
questioning my competency to parent.

I know.
I know.
It's terrible.

I was talking to them yesterday
and I
I asked her to hold on while I looked for my phone to get an address from it for her.

Here's the problem...
I was...
I was

Speaking into it actually.
I was on the phone
while looking for the phone.

I'm pretty sure they've decided I am unfit
and I think there is a competency hearing in my future.
Gotta go now and find the computer so I can do some research...
dang...where is that computer?
It was just here a bit ago.
Anybody seen my computer?


  1. Here's a couple for you. I was looking for my 2 yr old son in the front yard. I could have sworn he wandered away. I called his name for a solid 10 minutes. I started to get scared b/c I couldn't find him. He was on my hip. I was holding him while I screamed his name. yea.

    Took my two daughters to lunch at a local restaurant. Had a great time. Came back out to the car and found that I had left the keys in it and RUNNING. Didn't even bother to turn the car off. It's a time waster you know. I hadn't even turned 40 when both of these things happened.

    Hope you feel better.

  2. Oh dear. ;) Huston, we have a problem. Just kidding! :) You crack me up!

  3. I only laugh because I can relate. :)

  4. I am absolutely one hundred percent sure I have done this very thing, MORE THAN ONCE!

  5. My former boss had a theory that with every child you lost half of your brain. With my two little girls, I'm down to a quarter of the brain I started with. When we bring home our two boys, I'll be completely useless.

    Under those rules, you're doing really good for the number of kids you have.

  6. I think this is quite common like "WEAR IS MY PEN!!!!!" as I'm writing with it LOL

  7. Trust me, my friend, it takes more than that to prove you're unfit :) Besides, you have the adoption process to blame.

  8. I do things like this all the time!! Wow now I don't feel quite as bad

  9. rotfl!!! You absolutely crack me up!!

  10. Oh, dear me, I had to reread that several times to compute the catch...OH MY! You are just hysterical!

  11. Is that the same as looking for swim goggles and they are on top of your head????

  12. Oh my gosh! I laughed so hard I cried when reading this! I cried because you are just so darn funny and I cried because my life is one big "brain fart" these days - please excuse my verbage!!! LOL!