Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1 Month Re-cap

Today is the 1 month anniversary of our journey to find our sons who are on the other side of the world. My hope is to recount each month as it passes while we wind our way down the adoption road. So here's a quick recap to celebrate the one month anniversary of Adoption Miracle 2010!

*Signed contract with Great Wall
*Ordered new birth certificates
*Ordered new marriage certificates
*Complete 10 hours of parent education courses
*Had 2 of 4 home study visits
*Sent in our letter of intent to adopt the player to be named later
*Applied for passports
*Filled out forms
*Filled out forms
*Filled out forms
*Swiped the credit card
*Swiped the credit card
*Swiped the credit card
*Got a job to pay for the swiping of the credit card
*Watched his little video every day...all day.
*Made 127 trips to my local F*dEx
*Had physicals done for the entire family
*Filled out eight state clearance letters
*Fingerprinted for the 1st time
*Requested one police letter that I still don't really understand
*Employment letters done
*Made the first of what will be many trips to Nate the notary.(His name is not actually Nate. It just sounded fitting. His name could very well be Bob, or Tom, or Vern or Shaniqua.)

And that is what Month 1 looked like. Here's to even more progress come Month 2 which prayerfully will include a completed home study, a pre-approval for our first little man and be well on our way to a completing our dossier!

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  1. You amaze me! I'm so thankful to be your friend! Those two little boys are going to be loved and loved and loved some more by you and the entire family!