Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pondering things going 70mph.

So as we were driving down the freeway, going the speed limit this time I was pondering some things inside my noggin.

First of all
whadup with the weigh stations?

I've never understood those. What exactly do they do? I get that they weigh trucks but why?

And secondly, as I would look in the rear-view mirror periodically to fuss at someone for elbowing their brother nicely ask a child if they can pretty please refrain from bothering their neighbor I began to wonder...

...where on earth are we going to put him

and him.

I'm pretty sure placing children on the cargo rack is frowned upon.

I dunno.
This one has enjoyed pestering his brothers recently perhaps he can ride on top.

Should the cargo rack idea go astray I did figure out that we can yank out the captains chairs in the front row of the van and replace it with a bench seat like the back.

Theoretically this will work.

Theoretically this HAS to work as this van is new to us....purchased about 3 months before the Lord said hey you! Remember in my Word where I commanded you to care for the orphan? Well child, I'm speaking to you!

Yeah. The bench seat. My friend.
Are you feeling the Lord's call to adopt but you don't have a bench seat? Well then come on over, I'll buy you one myself!


  1. We have the same issue; our van is full! We have had the same discussion. It would be way cheaper to buy a bench seat (if possible) than to buy a different vehicle! Gary has been looking for a inexpensive trailer to pull with all of the stuff when we go traveling so we have room inside the van for children. We have tried cartop carriers but there is a weight limit and I don't always pack light!


  2. What is that giant blue thing going down the middle of the van? And why is the float ring blown up before you get to the beach? Maybe if you lost those things he could squeeze in right in the middle.