Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Letter

Oh gracious a wonderful afternoon turned into a wonderful evening and as smitten as we were with Joey before he just dug his little self even deeper into our hearts.....I didn't even know that was possible.
We took his drawing/letter to our local Chinese restaurant along with the other page that was in the envelope, a list of questions that we had asked way back when.

First up, the drawing.
How cute is this child.
He says in the letter(paraphrased)
"Hi Father and Mama and brothers,
I am very happy to be in your family
-insert heart breaking here-...
please come and pick me up early"

at which point my heart broke in a million tiny pieces. 
Oh baby boy we are coming just as soon as we can!!! 

We are thrilled that he is thrilled about the adoption, we knew Jacob was excited at the prospect of being adopted since he was part of Agency # 2's camp and he told them as much, but we really had no idea how Joey felt about it. Praise you Father for preparing his heart for this big, big change!

He dated his letter...in remarkable penmanship I might add....5/31. Interesting that it took this long to get to us. Not sure what's up with that.

Next up the questions:
We found out how tall he is, 105cm which is 3.5 feet. Oh my gracious he is tiny for 6!
Found out his shoe size 15cm which is the equivalent of our children's shoe size 8....as in the average American 2 year old's shoe. I think we've got a little peanut on our hands!

We found out his favorite colors are red, green, yellow, pink(LOL), and white,
that he loves Transformers
and his favorite food is chicken feet.
Alrighty then.
Recipe for chicken feet anyone?

He has been in the foster home for just shy of 3 years now which jives with what we have heard; which is that his orphanage houses the infants and toddlers and then when they reach school age they are moved into the simulated family homes.

So that's about it, just some other general information that we had figured out since it had been so long since we had asked those questions.

I also brought some blank envelopes and the staff at the restaurant were kind enough to address them for me using the return address that was on the envelope...since my Mandarin penmenship is a little shaky...
...or non-exisistent.
It's nice to have a direct mailing line back to that address.

What a gift.
What a day.
I so needed that yesterday.
I felt like though for whatever reason it is not yet our time for the LSC's it was His reminder that He hears my cries, he feels my frustration, he knows that I am anxious to love these children that He has given to me.
He has not forgotten.
He will not forget.
He has it all under His control...
...which is just where I want it all to be.
What a gift that through my tears and impatience he delivers...quite literally... this reminder to us.
Praise you Lord!

Next up:
Jacob's birthday tomorrow! The day he will know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The day
Can't wait!
A lot of people wake up the next morning after having a cake delivered to pics in their inbox of the birthday celebration since they are 13 hours ahead of us.....
ooooooo wouldn't that be amazing! These would be the first pictures of the boys
Brothers forever.
Love that.


  1. Such sweetness! Oh, I'm sure you are just floating around today. I hope tomorrow is even better for you.

  2. I wish I could stop myself from checking your blog daily. I just end up bawling my eyes out! What a wonderful birthday it will be for Jacob.

  3. Wow, what an awesome letter! Please come and pick me up early....Sonia he is ready for his family...how stinkin awesome is that!? I know you are more than ready as well! Can't wait to hear that you have LSCs soon.


  4. Thank you for laughing at my comment. I was just so anxious to see what he wrote!! I had to laugh at the shoe size. Jackson wore a child size 6 when he was 9 MONTHS old. Of course his feet were so big he couldn't even wear footie pajamas. Can't wait until you can go get those boys!!! Love, Lisa

  5. I'm so happy for you! It is amazing how God gives you little nuggets just when you need them most. How exciting to have that interaction with your sweet son. I can't wait to see you with them in your arms!!

  6. That is so awesome. Our son we brought home this past June also LOVES chicken feet!! I wish I knew how to make them too!!

  7. What a wonderful letter! Our Grace is almost 6 and still only about 3 feet and 30 pounds. Her feet have grown this summer, though, and she's in a size 9 (up from a size 5 when we got her at 4 years old)! So, your little guy must have TINY feet.


  8. Well how about that!!! I don't know many {only you} that can say they received a letter from their son in China written in Chinese. That has got to be one of the best things EVER! :)