Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I heart camping.
I heart that my brain seems to completely decompress at the mere sight of a campground.

Ahhhh....do you hear that?
Me neither. Glorious isn't it?

I heart that my kids seem to bond even closer inside of a campground.
I heart the $12/night price tag associated with camping.
I do not
heart it when I forget my coffee creamer.

We had such a great weekend!
Friends who did not forget their coffee creamer and shared with me!

We have hit the friendship jackpot of late in that there are some incredibly great families that we are currently stationed with that all have teenage boys. This is big for us as it seems as though we are typically surrounded by preschoolers. And as cute as they are, it really doesn't do much for our older kiddos. So this has been incredible for them!

So when the invite came we packed up and headed out!

We They set up camp.

Justin decided it would be great fun to submerge himself in mud.

and then lie down in the mud...

and then convince his twin brother that this mud thing was pretty cool and he should come check it out...

which he did.

They played football.

A lot

of football.

This one canoed and canoed and canoed and went tubing and canoed and went tubing.

and he gave his little brothers a spin around the lake.

This one relaxed on the sand.....I fought the urge to just lie down and join him...but then it occured to me that I would then have to add myself to the list of people that needed major cleaning.(reference earlier mud incident)

So I passed.
And now I'm sorry I did.
I've been trying to purposefully participate in those little moments lately...and I missed this one.

So now we are home.
The laundry is calling my name...but I am ignoring it.
Instead I am going to try and convince any one of these now tired/cranky/sleep deprived boys to join me for a bike ride.
I'd say my odds are 50/50.
I'll keep you posted.


  1. you're gonna need a bigger tent!!!

  2. I can't say I love camping...unless it's in a nice camper. Now that I would probably love...nice little potty for me and a bed that resembles a bed! :) LOVE your pics from your family/friend time though....does look soothingly refreshing to me ;)

  3. What do you mean you don't like hangin' with toddlers! Sheesh, is that why you left me!!! ;-) I mean come on, whining and constant bathroom breaks is totally fun. totally....

  4. So cool! We enjoy camping though our kids are young enough that one night at a campground and all 4 of us are EXHAUSTED! But if we're ever stationed near each other - I have a boy the same age as your youngest two (who are going to join you real soon - really!!!). :) But Ella is a preschooler and our other we're still waiting for a referral for - I would guess around 2-3 months old right now, but that's just a guess. :)

  5. Hi! This is my first time over, and I have enjoyed "meeting" you! We are adopting a sweet little boy from China and awaiting LID. I can't wait to come back and check on your family's adoption journey!

  6. Oh, your camping trip looks like so much fun!! Great photos! So excited you are getting closer to getting those sweetie pie boys home!

  7. I like watching other people camp.... but I needs me a real bed and a real bathroom! (And someone else to do the cooking/cleanup... after all, that's part of the whole reason for getting away from the house!)

  8. Wow! That is one beautiful camping area. Really, you need to get over the dirt thing if you are going to live with 7 boys! Besides, when everyone else is that dirty one more to clean up is hardly even noticeable. Glad you got to relax and have fun. Miss you! Lisa

  9. I absolutely love camping, but hubby does not. Too much work, he says. I wish I could have joined you.