Sunday, October 17, 2010

A How To

If you live with a couple of these

then you really need to head on over to your local Christian bookstore and pick up this

I'm tellin ya.
There is some good stuff goin on in the pages of this book.
Things like
how to tie a tie
Dating....or lack thereof!
...hang on.....let me say that one again..
Peer Pressure
How to dress like a man
and on and on and on. 

It's a good read.

Our teen boys

yes that really is Jason and Jordan and I at a Kutless & Sidewalk Prophets concert at church recently
no it is not ok that they are nearly as tall as I am....
are going through this book as part of their youth group.

Let me just tell ya.....

And as the mother of these chuckle heads.
I couldn't put it down.
It gave me such a great peek into what is going on inside their heads.
This comes easily to my husband....cuz.......well, he used to be a teenage boy.

This book is incredibly relevant,
it's accurate,
it's engaging
it's all approached from a Christian point of view
and it's just downright funny.

The Guys Guide to Life
How to become a man in 224 pages or less
a must read.

If I heard correctly I believe there is also a Girls Guide to Life........
but uhhhh.......
I wouldn't know anything about that.
You'll have to ask someone that goes down the pink aisle at Target about that one. 
I don't even know where the pink aisle is...or what exactly goes on over there.
All I know is that there seems to be lots of sparkles and glitter.   


  1. I need to look into that book! :0)

  2. I might just pick that book up even though I'll have to keep it somewhere safe for several years before anyone reads it. It sounds THAT good! And the dishwasher post? I was rolling!!!

  3. Yeah, I'll be looking for that one.

    And the dishes - don't let them off the hook too easy. I think sometimes boys (uuhh, I mean, kids) do things WRONG so you won't ask them to do it again. Not that MY boys have ever done that. Really. I just read it somewhere....

  4. I would love to read that book, but how do you entice a 13 year old boy who is NOT doing it as part of youth to read it? Let me know your secrets. I know your boys actually like to read?!?