Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This arrived in my mailbox at my house yesterday.



Perhaps they are missing their target market?


  1. I got the same catalog! Except...mine is getting plenty of use around here.

  2. LOL! That cracks me up! I haven't gotten one, and I could use it. Or maybe it would just give my daughter ideas....we have a few years before we need to spend that much money on dolls!

  3. just send it over here!!!!! my hubby got a good chuckle at that!!!!! too funny!

  4. they are STILL sending you those!? i guess it is better than getting something that your sons would want to buy EVERYTHING in it! :)

  5. Hilarious! Yep, we have that one, and at least one of my girls is already making her list, LOL!

  6. It's all about gender equality these days!!! Boys like dolls too :)!!! I still get invitations (and have for the past 29 years) from the Boy Scouts of America inviting me to join....Seriously? I am a 34 year old woman!!!

  7. Or maybe it's GOD giving you a big ole hint!!

    Just make sure if ya bring home one girl... ya bring home another with her!!

    One would not survive in your house!! She would need a BFF from China!

    I'm seein it now, I'm feelin it!! 2 girls and a million boys whoola your family is complete!

  8. Yeah, we got one too, youngest brother was quick to hand it to little sister who hid it away. Now she is afraid to get it out b/c big sister will claim it!
    Tell your boys there are boy dolls in will break your bank though