Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Lockbox

is something that I just don't understand.
I'm sure it has it purposes..
..but that doesn't make this wait any easier.

Our I-800 packet has not even arrived to our adjudicator yet.
Not gonna lie...
a little bummed about that.

I have heard no.thing. from anyone yet.
No receipt,
no text,
no email,
our fat check for the second child fee not cashed,

Is that normal? 

All I do know is that tracking it via Fed Ex it did arrive.
And was signed for.
And where our packet went after that?
No idea.

How it takes over 16 days(and counting) to get from Texas to Missouri is somethin I

At this point my prayer is that it has not been lost.
Oh sweet Jesus
please do not let it be lost!

Your bummed blogging friend,


  1. Oh, Sonia, BTDT! Last year when we filed our supplement for our 2nd child, the pwork got lost! But it was quickly found, so I'm praying you will get the good news today that will bring a sigh of relief! I tell ya, the whole lockbox thing...yeah, not even going there! Praying, friend!

  2. hague will not be in the kingdom of God my friend-- i hate hague with every cell in my body. feelin' your pain-- can you contact your agency for info?? cuz that seems a bit long in my opinion

    if you want to see our timeline for post LOA-- go to my march-may archives from this year-- i've tried to block out those horrible months of binging and worrying for TA

  3. Yeah I agree...see if you can check with your agency. Luckily, we were assigned a great officer and I was able to check with her as they lost our fingerprinting fee request and check. More prayers!

  4. Oh no, Sonia!! I am so sorry! I called and bugged and called and bugged the people at our fingerprinting office until they found us! Our paperwork had gotten buried in the mailroom and one very nice lady who was probably very sick of hearing from me, walked down there and found it!! I would call anybody and everybody!!! Prayers for you!!!

  5. I am so sorry to hear this. It did take 21 days for us last time to get our I800 approval. I just think it is crazy and ridiculous. We were one of the very first 5 hague families with Bryson. We traveled four weeks after getting LOA. We got TA two weeks after LOA. This has all changed since we brought Bryson home 3 years ago.

    Sorry! :-(

  6. Ugggg!!! It was hard enough for us being I600! I'm so sorry! These labor pains will subside when you get those boys, but I know it's so painful now. Praying things speed up!