Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's still there.

See that?

not the teenagers shoes that don't belong there.
not the socks that a certain twin who enjoys being barefoot leaves everywhere.
But those...

those flight suits.

They have been sitting by the front door for my lovely husband to take to work for a  long,

My friend Tara, a fellow AF wife, makes these off-the-hook cute bags that are made out of old flight suits.

Cuz she's crazy talented like that.

She and I just met this year as our hubs are in the same program together and she graciously offered to make a bag and then sell it and give us the proceeds from that sale.
Yeah, did I mention how sweet she is?
(She also made two others to send to an auction benefiting the Susan G. Komen foundation....further proof of her awesomeness.)
Who knew that God would use a new friend and some old flight suits to be a part of our adoption journey?
Love that!
I have drooled over these bags as I have run into other AF wives that have them over the years but sadly my flight suit bag total stands at 0.

Anyhoo, that brings us to this overflowing bag of flight suits.
That sit.
For well over a  month now.
That were supposed to be dropped off to her husband to give to her as she continues to be a blessing to others down the road but sadly have not and have instead "decorated" the front entry way of our home. 

It's a good thing he's cute.

Otherwise that pile might just annoy me every time I walk by it bother me ever so slightly.
And Tara, I can't thank you enough! You are such a blessing!


  1. I was going to post the same thing as Kim - funny! Anyway, super cool bags and a wonderful friend!

  2. Cool! Love those bags!! What a creative and talented friend you have!

  3. I had NEVER EVER seen flight suit bags and I WANT one very badly now. No, my hubby doesn't actually FLY a plane, but I can support my fellow AF sisters when such awesome cuteness is at hand, right???
    So tell your friend she must start selling these on Etsy or something....

  4. OK...those are awesome bags!! WOW and what a blessing for sure!! Praying the Lord uses it to help bring your boys home!! :)

  5. Love the bags!
    I agree.....have your friend start selling them for us to buy!! : )

    Good luck with packing! Still waiting for your trip to China.

  6. Those are cool bags! I could use some, maybe a leg, from one of those flight suits for my AF quilts! Just saying, can't have enough fabric for whoever wins the drawing and wants one of my fantastic AF quilts! How much is she selling them for? The bags, that is.

  7. Great post! And beautiful bags. Is this the same Tara I know? These look great and are such a great way to recycle something into a keepsake. Love it!

  8. Does Tara have a site to buy bags off of? I have one flight suit purse, but would love more of a tote sized one...!!! bobbie