Saturday, October 30, 2010

I-800 Approval X 2!

Oh yeah baby.

Months ago we went to the United States Citizensh*p and Immigration Service and told them we would like to bring two orphans into the country....
they reviewed our home study and
there is to know about us...
.....anybody else wanna know how many times I pee everyday....
no? Ok...just checkin....
They decided that we are indeed cool people who are capable of caring for two more children...
and they said yes.

Then China sent us our Letter Seeking Confirmation's asking if we do indeed still want to adopt them.... which we replied a big fat
DUH...of course we do...
now we had to then go back to the USC*IS and ask permission for these two specific orphans to come into the country.
And they said yes......again.

We recieved their official letter of yes in the mail today!
Can I get a woot-woot?!!

One more step down!
Just don't ask me what's next.....
it's all a little fuzzy to me.

All I that

Praise you Lord!


  1. So close! Almost there! Good luck. No idea what comes next or what the China process is, but praying them home SOON!
    Do you have any idea of time frame from here? Could they be home to celebrate Christmas with you?

  2. SWEET! Let's keep those steps a-movin'. Won't be long now!

  3. You are moving in on the prize now. Your trip will be sooner than you think! Awesome news.

  4. I'll not only give you a "woot-woot", but a SUH-WEET WOOT-WOOT! :}

  5. How wonderful! You are so close!

  6. So excited for you! We are waiting for our 1800 right now. We sent it in last Monday. Maybe I'll see you in China!

  7. Yipppee Jesus!!! So happy for ya but was really hoping you could wait three more weeks for us!!! NOT!!! But I can at least mention it!!!

  8. Here's a woot woot from MN!!

    Doesn't it feel - oh so good, to get that much closer to your boys!!

    Thank You Jesus!

  9. still blocking that part of the process out-- but i think it's your NVC letter?

  10. Congratulations! Your file was sent from NBC to the Visa Center in the NE. They will then enter you in their system and forward (cable) the information to the Consulate in GUZ. Soon you will receive a letter from the Visa Center (NVC), which you will send to you agency. They will then send that to their courier in GUZ so she/he can deliver your paperwork to the Consulate. Once they issue the Article 5, your courier will pick it up, send it to the CCAA. CCAA will take their sweet time sending your TA out. I know, it sounds like a lot, but hopefully, it will all be taken care of within 4 weeks at the most. I'd say you'd get your TA in about 5 weeks, but I'm being generous. Hopefully, things move quickly for you.

  11. WOWWEE Sonia!! I'm soooo excited for you are now down to counting WEEKS to your boys!!!

    Definitely happy dancin and praisin' with ya!

  12. One step at a time and before you know it, you will be holding the hands of your sons!! Oh, how I love adoption!!!

  13. Just wanted to say "thank you" for your thank you! What a sweet idea. I want you to know that the boys' picture has been added to our fridge and will remind us to pray for you and them.