Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's the little things

that make me so, SO excited to get these boys home!
Well, it's a ton of little things and a few big things but today we had one of those little moments.

Jason, Jordan, Justin & Jack all had 8am dentist appointments this morning.
4 kids,
1 cavity.

As I was checking out she made their next appointment for 6 months from now....
which is April....
...and unless we have some serious issues come up between now and then, I will need a couple more appointments that day!

These two

will be joining the other four on that day in April.
That's six cleaning/check-up appointments please.
Jason, Jordan, Justin, Jack, Jacob & Joseph.
I think I'll have the waiting room that morning all to myself. ;)

They will have been home with us at that point around 4 months, which I think will be good to let them get settled before we introduce things like the dental chair. Jacob will also have his first orthodontic consult that week. Though we won't be using the orthodontist here that works with Jason because we will be moving wherever the Air Force sends us this summer, it will be nice to get an idea of what to expect. We know his sweet little mouth is a bit of a mess, quite common among cleft affected kiddos, so we'll just see what he says and tackle that when we get to our next assignment.

I think I shoulda married a dentist. ;)

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  1. Me too!! A tall handsome one!! But don't tell my hubby!

    What a crew you will have that day at the dentist!