Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A true picture of my mothering skillz

I am an awesome mother.

Justin had a 3rd grade ecosystem project due.
Justin's friends in other 3rd grade classes have also been having ecosystem projects due recently.
Jack is in the 3rd grade.
Jack said he had an ecosystem project due.

So, in my continuing quest for awesomeness I procured the needed supplies from the local craft store and decided last night we would get a head start on both projects.
Head start on school projects = happy, happy parents.

We began with Justin's frozen tundra and immediately were waylaid by some uncooperative marshmallows during the building of the igloo.
Yes I am aware that animals do not build igloos in their frozen tundras....
but it was cute
and it was made of marshmallows
so we pretend
and we eat marshmallows.

But still, we persevered.
We persevered until we gave up and decided to try again tomorrow with sugar cubes.
So we put the frozen tundra on hold and moved on over to Jack's project.

Jack's rainforest was
Mainly because we did the exact same thing and even saved all of the needed materials from one of Jordan's projects a few years back.
Shhhhhhh...don't tell the educators.

Anyhoo, since Jack's was done I thought I'd really, really jump ahead of the game and go ahead and send his to school today even though his wasn't due for a day or two.
Go ahead and be jealous of my pre-planning....I can take it.

Jack thought that to be a grand idea so we loaded up this morning, Justin graciously rolled both backpacks to their seperate classrooms so that Jack could carry his incredibly awesome rainforest project and
I drove away from the carpool line thankful, happy and pleased with ourselves.


And then they came home.

And um.........well.....how exactly do I say this.......

That child,
my baby,
walked into that classroom proudly carrying this giant rainforest habitat and the teacher ever so graciously informed them that they needn't do a project.
They passed that chapter weeks ago.

I know.

And then
oh yes, it gets even better.....
I was so distracted by simultaneous belly laughing and being mortified at the whole situation that I, in my multi-tasking-have-four-kids-way then proceeded to give Jordan his antibiotic for his infected splinter......
and I accidentally gave him some kind of pill from a bottle with my husbands name on it instead.
I know.

Hello Poison Control, my name is Sonia.
And I am an awesome mother.
Or a complete idiot.
I forget which one.

And now the rest of the story:

Justin is now writing his report on the rainforest instead of the frozen tundra. They have collaborated to go into Jack's room in the morning and get the completed bigger and better habitat(that in all fairness, they both helped put together). The frozen tundra will go up in the closet awaiting the next child to be assigned the ecosystem project.

Jordan's mystery pill that belonged to John is nothing more than Mobic.....which, I learned today from the lovely folks at Poison Control....is from the Advil family. So it's all good and he is now guaranteed free of aches, pains and fever for the next few hours.

Wow. I wonder what more awesomeness I can bestow upon my family today.
The possibilities are endless.


  1. oooh that had me laughing hard... you tell a good story girl!!!! and just imagine --- you have 2 more boys to join in the fun soon!!!! what the latest timeline estimate??

  2. Don't let China see this post!! They might reconsider letting you bring TWO home!!

  3. Sheesh! These are not the things that us awesome moms are supposed to admit to...didn't you get the memo??!! You crack me up. Just what I needed in this crazy, too long, losing my mind, wait for TA.

  4. It makes my day that you admit to your awesomeness (and occasional lack there of...). Makes me feel less alone in my own mothering...other people lose their brains some days too. I think the kids may have left it in the freezer, next to that pair of glasses that were set there...

  5. Too funny! I think I could write a similar post at least once a week!

  6. That was too good! So much for pre-planning! LOL! So glad the Poison Control situation was OK. :0)

  7. Dear Dr. Sonia,
    Can I please have one of those majic pills as well? What Rx do I need?