Wednesday, October 6, 2010

He has my heart....

.....but not my study skills.
Thankfully, this child takes after his daddy.
Reading, reading, studying, memorizing, reading some more, and flashcards.
So as I was at Bible study last night after their baseball game these two put their heads together to review one last time for the big 3rd grade social studies test.
And as part of that studying...
they made flashcards.
And this is what I found when I went in to peek on the twins when I came home.

Oh how I love that boy
and his daddy with his flashcards.


  1. So sweet!! With boys like that, no wonder you want more :)

  2. Absolutely sweet!! My daughter is the flashcard queen around here and it has really worked for her all through school...and now in nursing school too!! :) Keep up the great work ya'll! :)

  3. He is the cutest - especially when he sleeps like that. Hope he does well on the test!