Friday, October 15, 2010

I-800 Update & Last Day of the Raffle!!

Well, still no news on where our I-800 is.

Today is Day 18 since it arrived at the lockbox and we still haven't heard anything....
...and they still haven't cashed our second child fee check.
which makes me a little nervous.
But our agency is all over it making some calls and such on our behalf and we are hoping it will be found sometime next week.
So I'll just wait here.
Reminding myself that God is not one second late,
nor one second early.
We will meet those boys at exactly the moment He has planned it.
Ahhhh, love that.

TODAY is the last day of the raffle!! Winners will be drawn tonight at 8pm and I will post the winners tomorrow!!
We are unbelievably only $605 away from fully funding one of their $5,100 orphanage fees!
Only $605 away!!
It has been incredible to watch friends and strangers alike donate $10 here, $50 there, $100 here.

to an amazing $4,495!

Did you know that with all of your donations you are not only helping two little boys come home to their family, you are getting a chance at some prizes, but you are also providing for those left behind(which is what the orphanage donation is used for)? How great is that?!

Thank you SO, so much and if you'd like to get in on the fun and be entered to win some pretty suh-weet prizes there is still time...8pm tonight!

Thank you for being His hands and feet!


  1. just donated another $25--i am coming to the reality that our Noah may be the last little one we bring home-- sighh--- so since we're not adopting again- i want to help out as much as i can those bringing home their kiddos:) and dang- $5,100 for 1 orphanage fee- it used to be $3,000- then for noah it was $4,000- wow. love what you're doing-- and remember to pick my name tonight:)

  2. SOOO excited to watch the Lord providing to bring your sons home!! :) It's so humbling and amazing to watch it happen, huh? ;)

  3. Keep holding on...once they get your i800, you will be approved within 24 hours usually. They say weeks but typically is a day or 2. You know you can call the NBC, right? They are usually super, super nice!!

    Once our worker got our i800 on her desk, we were approved within hours! Praying it shows up very soon!!

    Praising God for all of His provision! He WILL provide it all, just in His timing :)

  4. So glad to have come by your blog today. Your sons are adorable--I hope that your family is able to all be home soon. Hoping this raffle brings you much closer. Praise God for His provisions! Many blessings on your adoption journey.