Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Baby" Watch Day 14

This is Jordan

This is Jordan's kidney stone

Ok, just kidding.
This isn't Jordan's actual kidney stone...
that'd be weird.
This is some other unfortunate person's stone....that I found on Go*ogle.

They say this pain is much like or worse than childbirth....does that mean that he is about to give birth to my first grandchild?
Should I feel a little bit cheated that my first grand-baby is comprised of calcium oxalate crystals and uric acid?
Yes I do feel cheated.

Little Mr. Baby Stone is still residing somewhere in his kidney though it seems to have floated up to higher ground as it has found quite a little happy place to be in there that is currently not causing Jordan any real pain. He has a kidney "spasm" every now and then but nothing like last week...
which begs the question....
what on earth are they going to do about it?

We go back tomorrow to the doctor for the plan and another ultrasound to see where my first grandstone is.
I crack myself up.


  1. Well, you crack me up too! However, I know it isn't so funny for Jordan. Poor fellow. As someone who has birthed kids the old fashioned way without drugs and who has passed several kidney stones, neither is a picnic, but at least after childbirth there's something cute to show for your pain. Not so much for the stones. Praying for Jordan.

  2. Funny, boarder line cheesy...but made me smile!! (Sorry, cheesy is a word my boys use!) I am sorry that he has to have those at such a young age. I'll pray for a doctor's wisdom and a speedy recovery!!

  3. It's good that he'll have sympathy with his future wife one day. ;) LOL! Hope you get some good news at the doctor!

  4. You ALWAYS crack me up.
    I'm still laughing!