Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sweet Kaleb!

We have been blessed beyond measure by our friends and strangers donating to help us get these boys home and if there is one thing that this journey has taught us it is this:

It makes us want to give all of our money away. 

John actually said that one evening as we were discussing the financial side of the adoptions as donation after donation came in to help bring our sons home.
"It makes me want to give all of our money away." he said.
True story.
We have experienced first hand the enormous impact that you have made with your giving.
Front row seat.
Backstage passes to a miracle in progress.
That's us.

All of that to say, you simply must head here and check out this sweet family's journey to bring Kaleb home.
That smile just melts my heart and they are having a terrific fundraiser going on over there.

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  1. Thank you Sonia!! You are a blessing and more to us! :) Isn't it weird how when you start shopping (your previous post) for your new children that it makes it that much more real? A new post coming soon about that one for me, too!!