Sunday, November 21, 2010

The List.

I often get the bug eyed look from people when they see we have four boys and two more on the way.
But that doesn't really phase me.
It doesn't really feel hard or feel like I have my hands full
It just feels like our family. 
And in the spirit of keepin it real you should know there are of course days that I just want to escape the vast sea of testosterone that I am surrounded by and curl up in my comfy bed with some estrogen in the form of an Anne of Green Gables marathon. 
But I digress.

Anyhoo, what people don't know is that you just must have the basics in place to have a successful daily life with a few boys running around your house.

1. Love for the Lord.
2. Respect for others.
3. Food.
4. Sporting Equipment.

Now I know there are a kajillion books on raising boys, I think between John and I we have read half a kajillion. We are well versed in this area, but I'm tellin ya. It comes right on down to these top four things. Ok and maybe a few more hundred things. But these seem to be our top 4. :)
Around this time of year #3 undoubtedly becomes the topic of much discussion.  

Case in point.
Here is what I found on the computer when I sat down yesterday to check my email for the 300th time just in case there was any news on our Article 5. (Which there wasn't. Boo.)

So I hereby give you
The List
by Jordan.

1. turkey
2. pumpkin pie (gotta have lots of it)
3. Corn
4. mashed potatoes
5. Gravy.
6. peas
7. cranberry sauce (BLEC!! but if u want to go ahead)
8. Sparkling drinks :)
9. stuffing!!
10. rolls

1. popcorn
2. toast
3. pizza
4. chicken (that is just a disaster)
5. milk

Ahhh man.
And I was soooo going to serve chicken with a side of pizza and a glass of milk on Thanksgiving.
Now I don't know what on earth I am going to do.....
I guess raising boys is harder than I thought.
Back to the drawing......errrr cutting board.


  1. You forgot before sporting equipment to mention "A Sense of Humor" as being part of your list of having boys!!! Sometimes a gross sense of humor as well!

    I would say that you have all FIVE!!!

  2. I totally think you should do a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and serve toast, popcorn, pretzel sticks, and jellybeans. :) Kaye

  3. No peas please- creamed beans yes!

    I love cranberries- love love love them!

    I agree with Sally - a sense of humor is a must!! You know for the many body function jokes!

    I think I'd also add- a downstairs thats all their own. I remember myself saying- take it down stairs boys, that's down stairs play, go DOWNSTAIRS!! (outside works too but it's winter here now)

  4. lol! I so thought of Charlie Brown when I read this!

    I will say that my 2 older boys, 12 and 11 years old, have definitely been very interested in what's on the menu this week. It is so funny to hear how much they care, as if I might forget the dressing or the gravy or something. :-)

  5. Ahh....well now that we're gonna be having a boy around the house again...I'm gonna have to keep this list close at hand!! :)

    Oh and you don't like cranberry sauce? Seriously? It's the best with the turkey! Have you tried cranberry sauce and not just the cranberry chunky kind?? LOL!!

    I'll email ya too about the I-600 stuff. :)