Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Grandstone.....the update

After a looonnngggg day at the local Children's Hospital on Friday it was determined that Jordan does in fact not have a kidney stone.
I have 2 things to say about that:
1. Yippee!
2. Then what on earth is wrong with him?

Apparently a CT scan is the best way to detect these...which he had done two weeks ago in the ER. To which they said, there is no stone.
The morning after that ER visit he had an ultrasound that blatantaly detected an 8mm stone in his left kidney. So sayeth the ultrasound tech, the radiologist that read the ultrasound, and his pediatrician.
An ultrasound 3 days later showed the same stone.
But alas what they were seeing was something else....of which I don't remember what he called it but apparently the kidney can do things like that which is why ultrasound is not the preferred method of detection...CT scan is. So the ER people that we all thought were wrong, were actually right.
Again....Yippee!....and....what the heck?

He is feeling MUCH better than he was a couple of weeks ago fo sure....but still having some lingering symptoms of which I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate me going into on the blog. ;)
So the mystery continues....though decidedly a much less painful mystery than it was previously.

I shoulda married a doctor....this AF pilot thing isn't doing me much good. ;)


  1. Hugs! Some days the military thing drives me up a wall too. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with it. ;)
    Hoping you discover the mystery of the pain soon, and that it continues to get less painful.

  2. Even if you don't know exactly what was making him sick, I am glad to hear that he is feeling better. How often, usually in the middle of the night, I have thought, "sure would be nice to be married to a doctor!" :)

  3. You know, this brought back some memories I had tucked away somewhere, apparently, because until you went into details I had not remembered.

    About 10 years, when James was 4, we went through something similar. He was sick (I don't remember his symptoms), and I took him to in, and they did some testing and told me he had a kidney stone. I had to take him to some German hospital and they wanted to do surgery, and I freaked out. I took him back for some more testing, at which point they said there was actually no stone. At which point his symptoms had resolved themselves, whatever they were, 'cause I can't even remember them. So anyhow, I guess bodies do weird things sometimes...
    And I pray and hope that his symptoms just vanish like James' did. Again, that was 10 years ago, so obviously it wasn't serious.

  4. Yeah, I meant "about 10 years ago".
    You try to type and eat at the same time! : )