Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This & That

I still need to pick up a couple of car seats for the boys...
but every time I go down that aisle I start to cry cuz I'm so incredibly excited that soon I will look in my rear-view mirror and see two more faces looking back at me. 
.... Then I leave that aisle because people start giving me weird looks. Do you see now why I don't yet have car seats?

We are waiting to hear about the status of our Article 5.
Mailed out on the 5th, waiting to hear what day it was dropped off at the Consulate so that we know when that two week tick tock time frame started.

I thought I had a pretty clean house until I dusted the top of the fan blades in my living room and bedroom yesterday....
...that's all I'm gonna say about that... less someone calls the Health Dept on me.

I have lost my Elf soundtrack CD.
...I am distraught about this.

We finally decided to have the twins and Joey and Jacob share a room...
4 boys within a 2 year age span of one another in the same's either going to be brilliant...or incredibly stupid.
I'll let you know.

Joey and Jacob's dresser is cleaned out and ready to go. It is so far stocked with some Star Wars undies and brand new socks....
...I love that.

My bedroom floor looks like Target threw up all over it.
So much for our trip is waiting and ready to be packed. Little toys, their clothes, toothbrushes, medicine, books. I need still need to pick up some gifts for the officials.Totally open to ideas for this!

Jason and Jordan and I started attending a Mandarin class offered on base a couple of months ago to help get us through those first few weeks together.
....It's so true what they say about kids picking up a language quickly.
They amaze me.

But most of all
I am positively aching to see these little faces in person.


  1. Man, you are getting so close! I can't wait to be reading posts from China!!

    I think we bought chocolate for our gifts for the officials. who doesn't like chocolate right?

  2. I love your "this and that" and I'm with you . . . I can't wait to see those little faces--one on each side of their mama! Oh yeah! Hang on sweet friend, Jacob and Joey's time is drawing near--their days as orphans are numbered! Thank you Jesus, please bring the rest of the necessary steps together quickly--in Your perfect timing. :)

    Blessings as you wait . . . and dust . . . and consolidate your boys . . . and look for your Elf soundtrack.

    Tina ~ xo