Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas Jesus Style

You simply must go here and read my friend Tina's blog post today....and then after you do that pray that she feels better and then pray how He might lead you to do things a little bit different this year. 

A sweater he doesn't need or helping to drill a well to bring water to a community that has never seen running water before.
That toy they definitely don't need or a box of cleft bottles to help save the lives of babies like Jacob.
The choice is easy.
We're making that choice.

I think so often giving to organizations feels so abstract. I know it did for me, for years.
That the money that we give just sort of floats somewhere out there and may or may not actually help someone or make an impact somewhere.
And it has really taken this journey to Jacob and Joey to open my eyes to the fact that there are very real faces and very real lives on the other end of these programs.
That our giving really does have a direct impact on lives.
A trip or 12 to the local stuff mart to procure more useless gifts....or impacting a life for ever.
This is the new tradition. 


  1. So, So true! The insanity of commercial christmas puts so much stress on folks each year. Such a great reminder to keep Christ in Christmas.

  2. Great timing on your post for me as today I am getting ready for our special Advent plans for this year. We will be celebrating Advent more than we celebrate Christmas this year as it is in the preparation of our dear Savior that we find HIm!!

    I will be putting a post together soon on what we are doing for Advent!

    Great Video!

  3. Amen! This year our family decided to help raise funds for a little girl's surgery in India as our Christmas gift to one another. We'll spend some family time together doing special things, instead of buying lots of gifts. Our kids enjoy this kind of time much more than gifts anyway!

    Blessings to you,

  4. Thanks for linking to this. I am definitely going to incorporate some of these ideas this year. I scrolled down and read her post about "being picked". Wow!! Amazing!!

  5. Sonia,

    Thanks for linking me up, friend! I love reading everyone else's ideas of ways they are celebrating Christmas Jesus style! Wanted to let you know I heard back from Love Without Boundaries and they have published their 2010 Gift Guide!

    Thanks again (and I'm praying for your grandstone).