Monday, November 15, 2010

Jacob LIVE!

Here is our 5th son....doing what no other son before him has been able to do.
Gracious I love this boy!

This video is from the talent show that was put on by the kiddos that were part of AAC's camp last spring.
AAC is not our agency but they did agree to transfer his file to our agency months ago when I found him again on their website. And for that, we are ever grateful.
His interview video from the camp was unfortunately damaged but they did say that during the interview one of the nannies walked by and pointed to his picture and remarked how handsome he is...
to which he replied,
"I know."
He is SO my son! Sassy as can be! Love it!


  1. Jacob is the What are yall waiting for, GO GET THOSE BABIES! Wooo hooo, can't wait for them to meet their #1 AUNTIE (me).

  2. SOOOOOOO cute!! I can totally see why 6 boys will totally be OK at your house :) Did you start looking for the gymnastics classes yet???

  3. He is soo sweet! I hope you've found a gymnastic class for him! lol
    Krista D