Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Orphanage

Here are a few pictures of the orphanage that were snapped by some families that have recently traveled to go pick up their kiddos.

I vasiclate between combing every inch of every photograph commiting them to memory and then on the other end of the spectrum,
not even being able to look at pictures like this......the toddler beds.

Where Joey and Jacob slept

I think between our four boys they probably got up and out of bed during their toddler years no less than 8.2 million times over the years. Whether because they were sick or scared or in need of a snuggle.
Which begs the question
who did Jacob and Joey run to?
I can't even think about the cribs and the infant days....
That's why those kinds of pictures are so very hard to look at.....
and why they leave me in tears, a complete puddle of goo on the floor.

They will be moved out of their foster home and back into the orphanage very soon where they will wait for us.
I can barely type that without crying.
The upheavel.
The loss.
The fear they must have.
The unknown.

And then I stumble across photos like this

where I catch a glimpse of one of them (Jacob, top row, middle) and
Who will very soon no longer be called an orphan and will not ever spend another night alone and that thought fuels the fight for another day and fuels the love that is ever growing for two boys whom I've never met but love 

Through all of this I am so very grateful for so many things, namely that I don't think the orphanage is a foreign place for them. They weren't moved into foster care until they were four so they have at least some familiarity with the place.
They also have each other.......this is big in my thankful book.
These thoughts are what I cling to when I think of the coming days for them as the anticipation builds and they experience that transition time between their home now and the home and family that is coming very soon. 
But mainly the knowledge that though I can't be with them,
HE can.
And He always has been.


  1. just an FYI-- they are not always moved back to the orphanage before going to their family- that was what i had thought too- but, and maybe this depends on province, i have no idea, but in Henan, the kids stay in the foster home and are picked up THAT morning of gotcha day by the orphanage officials on the way to meet you. again- maybe in guangdong it is different.

  2. piggy backing off of what Emily said, that is what happened to Suhn. We thought she would be going back to the orphanage too, which broke my heart, but she was with people from AH, her foster home, until the second she was handed to me. So thankful it was that way, for one less trauma in her life.

    Praying for you and them!

    Those pictures of beds crammed into a room make me so sad. Visited an orphanage in Ukraine like that and seeing it in person was worse, it is jut not how things are supposed to be.

  3. What beautiful words straight from a Momma's heart!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  4. You are so lucky to have so many photos of them and the orphanage!
    As I sit here and think about all I have to be thankful for our kids from China is a big one. I love all my kids- but, gosh! it's so much harder to birth kids from China!
    They look like such happy boys. I am serious when I say hurry up and go get those boys!

    Really, do you know when you leave yet? If you've said I can't remember and that has been known to happen.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Thanks ladies! Their orphanage does move them back when TA is issued, or about to be issued. So we expect them to be moved in a couple of weeks. Stacy we are hoping for soon!! Article 5 should be ready Friday!

  6. I know it's unbearable, but you will be there soon!! Last year, at this time, I was exactly where you are today. I remember how physically painful and emotionally draining it is. Soon...very soon...Praying for all of you!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. What a moving post--adoption changes you, doesn't it? Your heart is moved in amazing ways to break for the things that break God's heart and be filled with the hope that only comes from Him.

    Can I repost this on Let me know!

  8. This journey is made so much more bearable by blog friends like you guys! Kelly go right ahead!

  9. I know the heartache you feel Sonia....and the hope that comes from knowing our Lord continues to care for them until we can get there to bring them home to their forever family. THEIR FAMILY! Praying those last few steps go quickly so you can bring your sons home where they will never sleep another night alone! HUGS!

  10. Oh man, Sonia...
    You touched on so many emotions that are so close to my heart as well!

    I often wonder how many times Avery was her the middle of the night...

    And now, since I have been getting to know her...since she has been letting me her heart...I know that she is such a cuddle-bunny...and is easily breaks my heart to think of how she coped for the almost four years before we adopted her...

    Then I am comforted by the you said about your boys...she was never alone, never...our mighty and loving Father was with her every second of her life...Thank you Father for that!

    Soon, very soon.....your little ones will be with you!!!