Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Mama Bear *Updated*

Survey says: 
Kidney Stone. 
Who knew that a 12 year old could get a kidney stone?! Apparently they can so despite a CT scan in the ER that didn't show a stone it showed up on the ultrasound yesterday. So our kiddo is on some hefty meds until Monday and if it hasn't passed by then they are going to re-evaluate. 
I wish everyone could have seen the look on his sweet face when he was told how a kidney stone comes out...funny, funny stuff I tell ya. Poor little guy.

Kinda had my butt kicked by this past week.

It is all fun and games around here until someone gets sick and then
and then it's not fun and games anymore.

Jordan has been having some kidney pain the last week and a half or so. Off and on, but ever increasing until it reached a breaking point a few days ago. Well, I won't bore you with the details but suffice it to say he was seen by and tested and poked and tested and poked and then the next day I was on hold and transferred and passed on to waaayyy to many people until finally I was told that they want him to have a renal ultrasound......and that I should call the base clinic and schedule that.

No problem....
until they said they could get him in...

hold, on.....
what's the word I'm thinking of....
ummmmm....oh yeah, I know....

More phone calls, more transferred, more holding, more transfers and not being able to speak to the doctor's nurse, more holding, more holding
until this mama bear couldn't do it anymore.
And that was it. 
I loaded my sweet baby....ok, he's 12....but he's still my baby when he doesn't feel good....into the van and drove to his doctor's office.
I deposited him in a chair in the waiting room and then very politely walked up to the desk....looked at the receptionist who had been blowing me off for 2 days
and said,


Only I did it with a smile on my face.

Seriously, I am a very nice person darnit.....but when one of my babies doesn't feel good and I don't feel as though they are getting the care they need...
this mama bear is going nowhere until they help.
And I mean no where. 
Miraculously, they were able to fit him in for an ultrasound first thing and now we go back today for results.

Oh how I miss the days when they were little and sick and  you could send the husband to the couch and throw the baby in bed with you so that you could roll over and check on them compulsively throughout the night....
now I get up and out of bed 100 times and walk down the hallway, and climb halfway up a bunk bed to check on him.
So yes, I am the slightest bit sleep deprived, but I've still got a smile on my face....
a highly, highly caffeinated smile...
but a smile nonetheless.

Please pray for Jordan that they will figure out what on earth is going on with him and that he will begin to feel better! He has a big youth retreat this weekend that he is going to be so bummed to miss if we can't fix this by then.


  1. Poor fella! I pray the Lord will bless his little body.

    BTW, I still kick my husband to the couch when my little and big kids have a high fever or stomach bug. Mike doesn't want to be near it anyway.

  2. Hugs for you and prayers for Jordan (and for that receptionist if she blows off your little baby again!). ;)

  3. ROAR!! Get 'em, Momma!!

    Adding my prayers to your sweet baby for his healing!

  4. Glad it's not too serious, sorry he's not going to be a happy boy!

  5. Jordan should talk to grandpa John. He had kidney stones a couple of years ago. He was miserable.
    (by the way chips and salsa does not make them go away John's usual cure all)

  6. You crack me up! I think boy moms have the best sense of humor!! You have too!! It's amazing how hard the enemy will fight to keep us from doing what we were called to do! Hang in there. Praying for your sweet baby.

  7. I have had kidney stones twice;once while pregnant. Oh my I feel sorry for your son!!! The amazing thing is once they pass the pain is immediately gone!!!

  8. You go Momma Bear!!!! Had to laugh and nod my head at the throw your hubby on the couch so you can put the baby in the bed and check on them all night!! BTDT!!! Hehe! Hope he feels better very, very soon!!!! Oh and loved your comment on my blog! Very funny and I don't know if gestated is a word??? LOL!

  9. Oh, I am so sorry he has been in pain! My hubby gets kidney stones very frequently, and they are AWFUL!!! How sad for a 12 year old to experience that! Glad you are getting the help you need now.

  10. Hang in there Jordan (and Momma Bear)! It must be a bad, very bad week for you guys.... Drink lots of lemonade, water and get better soon! With our prayers...

  11. Praying for Jordan- poor guy! OUCH!

    BTW- send the hubby to the couch and put him in bed next to ya! Just like the old days! Who cares how old he is!

  12. Christine soon to be CiccottiNovember 6, 2010 at 8:24 AM

    I hope Jordan is feeling better soon! Sometimes you just have to arm wrestle with Tricare and tell them the match isn't over till you win! Way to go!