Monday, November 29, 2010

Where to Eat, What to Do, Guangzhou Style

If one were going to be traveling to Guangzhou and staying there for perty near 2 weeks with a couple of hotel rooms filled with testosterone where are the places that one would most certainly want to eat at?

And where would one want to be sure to visit/experience whilst one was there?

And why does one enjoy referring to herself in the third person?
Never mind.....that was a rhetorical question.

One hopes she gets lots and lots of feedback from her blogging posse.

One thanks you in advance.
Peace out.


  1. Sorry, can't help, but I'll be interested to read the responses and to hear ALL about your trip once it's over and how you all (survived) enjoyed this wonderful time together!

  2. Please visit Lucy's it is next door to the White Swan and has the best American food....or it is good because you have had Chinese for 2 weeks and you need American food at that point. Also Starbucks is good after everything you have been through :)

    I just adopted my boy in March..good luck with 2!!!

  3. ok--
    FOOD: Lucy's-- good when you crave american
    The cow and bridge: great, spicy Thai food
    ummmm oh- there is a french restaurant.. ok- not wonderful- but with 2 weeks there- seriously- you'll be begging for variety!

    let's see-- things to do:
    1. susan's place (from WS, go left, right at church and then left) AWESOME, out of the way store-- don and susan will take good care of you-- and he serves wonderful ginseng (oh yum) tea the old fashioned way!!!

    2. A gift from china-- great store--

    3. go across the bridge and visit the pet and medicinal markets

    4. watch all the kids do their morning school routine

    5. we would walk around the island with our starbucks (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise God!) and just watch the locals do their exercises, etc

    6. count the minutes till you leave :)

    now we rec. the victory hotel-- and here is why:
    1. much less crowded
    2. bigger rooms (suites!!!) for much less than the WS

    now the WS does have a bigger, better b-fast, but we have done the victory 3 times-- love it. :)
    there are other touristy things to do as well- does your agency do them???

  4. Ditto Emily's post :) We spent 3 weeks at the WS! Week 1 is great, 2nd week is old, third week is like taking up residence. Living vicariously through you...

  5. Just my 2 cents, but on our first trip, we gave Lucy's mixed reviews. When we were cravin' American food, we loved Danny's Bagel. We ordered in and ate it in the hotel. Everything from Italian to burgers to mac/cheese. Of course there's lots of other food places there, too, but my kids were sick of Chinese food by then.
    So, are you taking the whole fam?

  6. Love that you have all these handsome boys, you've beat me by one! ha! congratulations to you on your newest additions and God bless!

  7. Ivy and I loved the Shanghai Style Dining Rest. near the medical building on the front street same as the Victory. They had picture/English menu and it was delicious.

    For quick, easy and cheap, we went to the deli right next to the White Swan. There is a menu on the board behind the cash register/check out that is the authentic Chinese food the boys will love, written in Chinese. Then I ate out of the deli area where the breads were at. That place always hit the spot for us.

    Staying on the island is nice because you can walk everywhere that you really need to be. Good for the boys to just run around. I felt very safe there, especially since I traveled alone.

  8. Well since it's been 4-1/2 yrs since I was there, I am more than interested in hearing all the great feedback. :) But I have to add a yes to Lucy's, Starbucks and the other hot spots. :) If you have the extra money, it's a great shopping place too which is rather inexpensive when you consider the exchange rate. We bought Christmas gifts, etc. as they were at such a good price (even with needing to buy an additional suitcase).

  9. You must go to the Safari Park and to the circus. They both are a must!!!! Go back to Gio's blog and check it out!

  10. Lucy's and Cow and Bridge for sure if you are staying on the island. We stayed at the China Hotel off the island and there was a Starbucks in the hotel and delivery pizza which was a blessing!!

  11. Definitely the Safari Park! It is awesome and your boys will love it. I am pretty sure your agency arranges this as one of the outings b/c we tagged along with them when we were there. Wouldn't miss it!

    We loved Lucy's ... sitting out on the patio in the afternoons and evenings was great. If you stay at the White Swan there will be a lot of good places to eat.

    Excited for you!

  12. W/ lots of testosterone I would mostly recommend a large suite or an apartment if your agency will allow it. Because if it will wish for the room :^) We had 5 kids , including 15, 12, and 10 y.o. boys
    We did not stay on the island

  13. We never really got tired of Chinese food, but we still liked Lucy's. The chicken tenders and fries were incredible, and I am not a fast-food lover at all. Loved sitting outside in the evenings to eat there.

    There's an Italian restaurant that was really good--a little bit pricey, but if you skip the soda or bottled water (which were the most expensive part) then it's not too bad. The Thai restarurant was great, as well. But, definitely ask your guide to take you to some good Chinese restaurants!

    The Safari Park was wonderful. The boys will really enjoy it.

    Blessings to you!

  14. We never got tired of the Chinese food either. And after being back inthe states... once you had chinese food IN China.. you will never find a place in the US that you will enjoy again ;o(
    I know everyone here loves Lucy's.. but on our last 2 (out of 4) trips we skipped Lucy's. They have some new places (I'll ask bob the names - hahahaha) that we liked much better and seemed that at least one or more people in our group got sick from Lucy's on each of trips.. we just stopped taking the risk. Plus, it really isn't that great. We always ordered from (name escaping me)someone...oh yes..Danny's. loved the soup and pizza for the kids.
    Also right outside the White Swan there is yummy sandwiches and icecream to feed an army for cheap.
    I would contact Stefanie- she has some great rest. places to eat at! Also, my girlfriend, Charlene, stays at marriot (off island) by the Embassy, so I can ask her if anything to do over there. I think she said there was an enormous park.
    you can walk to the MCD and see that really cool market(it is along the way) mentioned. it is a must. ;o) lol. your guide can take you the first time.
    There is a beautiful flower/park thingy Im sure the boys would love that- lol. There is a zoo(maybe that is the safari park mentioned?).
    AND if you drag your butt out right after sunrise.. you can watch the elders play games and do ti- chi in the park by the river. It is amazing. make sure to bring your video b/c there is music and swords and it is unreal! At night you can go back down to see the river boats.
    during the day you may catch a glimpse of someone swimming - ewwwwww LOL.
    So excited for you!

  15. Oh I hope the italian place is open for you. We loved it..celebrated Gary's 40th bday there. Best italian food we have had (at least it seemed like it at the time after days of chinese food!) We spent hours at Susan's place drinking tea with Dong. I've heard rumors that they are closed but I hope not. Dong and Susan are Christians and we loved hanging out there! We also love the cafe outside the White Swan..yummy bread! We got ice cream there almost nightly. We stayed at the Victory and were thankful for the space. We had 2 rooms and it worked for us. They also had filtered water right in the bathroom for us! Can't wait to hear that you are going!