Thursday, November 18, 2010

FINALLY Joey LIVE......need subtitles!

Here is our sweet 6th son in action.
Go ahead and tell me how cute he is
I can take it.


  1. Oh, he is sweet! What a blessing to receive a video and not just photographs. i bet you are beside yourself to get there and hold them!!

  2. So, i was adding my "perfect stocking stuffer" line for the car decal when you left your comment. You are NOT a dork, but did miss at the top right where it says "car decal $5" with the paypal button!! Thanks for the asking!

  3. What a cutie! I'm sure that husband of yours was very proud of the airplane he made! He may follow in his Daddy's footsteps!


  4. oooooooooooooh - beyond cuteness- as the youngest he surely will be getting away with lots of trouble!

  5. Love that proud little grin at the end after making his airplane. You lucky thing...getting videos! Did you understand any of it after taking your mandarin class? I only caught "my name is..."

  6. How cute! I love that he made an airplane!!! Do you have any idea what he was saying?

  7. Holy cuteness!! It is so wonderful that these incredible boys will be able to came home together, brothers forever.
    It looks like you have an aeronautical engineering on your hands! lol
    Krista D

  8. I agree.....CUTE and NEED SUBTITLES!! LOL!! How blessed to have this video of him, too....just an added thanksgiving blessing for his momma!! :) And how did he know to make an airplane? Hmmmm....must be in the genes and who's gonna tell me your not related? ;)

  9. He is cute, cute, cute!! His smile, his face exudes JOY!!

    What a wonderful addition he will be!!

    Can't wait to follow your blog with 6 boys in your home! Lots of material and lots of fun!!

  10. Adorable! I know you can't wait to get him home!

  11. He's not cute.
    He's ADORABLE!
    That voice!? Oh, my.

    I am dead serious when I say I can't wait for you to get to China.

    How in the world did you get the video? Did the orphanage do that for you? Longgang? Really?

    I wanted to surprise you with my package from Shenzhen- but you ruined it. Now you have to go pick them up. : ) haha!

  12. sonia-- can't find your email-- responding to your comment on my blog--
    ISN"T IT THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!!????????????????? seriosuly-- this has been my prayer for the past 5 months-- God, I want to adopt again- But i do NOT want to do the paperwork-- (after 3- it just gets blurry). and i have a BIG internal struggle. part of me is happy with 5-- OVERWHELMED with 5. but God gave me a heart for his orphans in china. i didn't ask for it. but there it is. and how can i stand before him one day and say- how did i do? and have Him say-- there was more for you to do, but you said no. sooooooooo i have my eye on a girl with noah's EXACT needs- she has been on the shared list for almost 2 months now-- if she goes over to SF (special focus-- hard to place WC kids) we might have to bite the bullet.