Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Down Low on Our Travels

Ok, I can breathe now.

Here is the low down.
Apparently the CA's are pretty booked.
So right now we are scheduled to depart the US on the 14th of January.
29 days from now.
Which both seems like an eternity and no time at all depending on the minute I'm in.

Flights are being put on hold
Hotel reservations at the V are being made
And I am spinning around my house not knowing what to do with myself....

And here is where you are all free to tell me I am crazy as long as you do it nicely....

we are bringing

Hello crazy,
I am Sonia.
Nice to meet you.

Jason will also be turning 14 in China.
Which is ridiculously cool.

That's all I know for now.
Breathe in
Breathe out
Breathe in
Breathe out.....

Thank you to everyone for your comments yesterday! 
And YES please if you have any tidbits to share, packing lists, anything, I am all ears(leave me a comment or 12 or my email address is on the sidebar).
I am especially confused regarding this VPN thing. I need some step by step instructions. Talk to me like I'm 3 please when it comes to technology. Is it something that dials into our computer back home? Is it something I plug into the computer when we get there? Is it a software I install before we leave? 
Good thing good technology skills are not part of the home study.

This adoption rookie thanks you!
More soon!


  1. Well, since the whole gang is going, 27 days is not too long. Congratulations! It will be so much fun taking the whole family. We did it in 2006 and 2007. We toured Beijing and we had a blast. I could not have asked for a better family fun time than in 2006. We did less touring in 2007, but still had a great time. You seem quite adventurous and up to a challenge. This is it! Enjoy! Every! Second!

  2. We brought all 3 boys and it was the best decision we ever made!! Trip of a lifetime!!!! If you need any help or to freak out, email me...I'll give you my phone number!! Yay!!!

  3. 27 DAYS!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!! Those 27 days will fly by - especially with the holidays in there too. I LOVED taking Hanna this time - wish the entire family could of gone, it is amazing and what a blessing for Joseph and Jacob to meet the gang and bond with them in the beginning too. I have had quite a story to catch up on girl - my word. So sorry you had to wait out the whereabouts of your precious son ... glad TA and Travel were the 2 most current posts. I couldn't have handled it if there were still so many unknowns. Praying for these last steps. Enjoy the preparations. Oh, I laughed and laughed when I saw all your comments, tee hee.

  4. 27 days is really perfect....time to enjoy the holidays, get packed, get those visas and flight arrangements and then off to your boys!! Congrats!! So excited for your family. ;)

  5. Bringing all 4 boys- that is wonderful and crazy!! We brought our 2 girls and Katie (she was supposed to be the helper- key word supposed to be!) It was great having the kids with us!

    VPN, hmmm. you may be 3 when it comes to computers but I'm only 2! Our big boys figured it our for us and installed it! It is when your computer hooks up with a server outside of China (it bypasses China so they can't block what you want to see- such as blogger, facebook, new, etc).
    We installed it payed al fee and then each time we signed on we picked if we wanted a server in Hong Kong, Chicago, New York or where ever. Different servers worked better than other during different times of the day and sometimes none of them worked. We found that it worked well if you were in a major coastal city -Beijing, Shanghai, GZ, etc and did not work so well in central China. I don't know which one we used but i'm sure others can tell you which one they liked!

    27 days, yahooo!!!

  6. i think it's AWESOME that you're bringing all the boys-- they are old enough that they will not only love and remember it- but wow-- joey and jacob will have ready playmates!!!

    i'll try to get more info on the VPN thing from Jim--
    and we had the same issue when we got our TA-- we had to wait 21 LONG days to leave-- because no CA's were available.. good side-- it allowed for somewhat cheaper flights. but we had the most AMAZING travel group that God matched us with-- and i'm sure He has done the same for you!
    what is your official gotcha day?

  7. So when you get all the VPN info could you spoon feed it to me? Please? Thanks :)

  8. we went to then through there to our blog....I think you can rent/join a better one for a month..gooogle vpn.....Catherine

  9. All four boys is perfect. They are big enough to carry their own stuff and they don't need as much at this stage. Have you ever taken them out of country? I took both boys to Bahrain a few years ago to see Jim when he was there. It really was a good trip. Of course I let them watch movies on the plane. Pretty cool on the big plane on a long flight, each seat had its own tv screen and head set. You will all remember this forever. It is good that they will be there. Love you, Lisa

  10. Sonia, we took 3 of our 4 kids with us. They were 10, 8 and 2! We were adopting a 2 year old so we had 2 two year olds on the trip AND on the plane ride back! Yikes! Honestly, they were so much better than I thought they would be! It will be wonderful to have your boys with you! It helped in bonding and learning and we loved having almost all of our family with us!

  11. I think taking all 4 boys is such a gift to all the boys-the four at home now and the 2 coming home soon. How awesome you guys are! So cannot wait to see them live on your blog from the Martin house. God is so so good!