Friday, December 3, 2010

New Pictures of the Boys!

A friend from the boys orphanage is in China adopting his beautiful little girl and he was able to visit the foster homes yesterday.... response to which I have been holding my breath for a day and a half waiting to see if he would get the chance to meet the boys.
He did.
He has pictures
I haven't seen the video yet, uploading issues and all...but boy ohhhh boy have I been neglecting my housework all morning drinking in these new photos.

For some reason Jacob isn't in any of them and it doesn't look like he was there with all of the other foster home children.
Not gonna lie....
this makes me uneasy.
Not knowing where he is and all.

And sweet Joseph who is usually all smiles and laughs seems to not be doing so well that day.
-sigh- (again).

And now I'll stop pretending that you are still reading this and haven't scrolled down looking at the pictures so I may as well stop typing and show you what you came here to see! ;)

Here is the entrance to the foster home.

 The balcony.

One of the bedrooms in the home. That is the top of Joey's head. A sweet little head if I do say so myself!

And here is where my heart crumbled into a million pieces. Look at his sweet/sad/sick? face. 

 And finally, an oldie but here is Joey and Jacob(red shirt, front row) about(my best guess) a year and a half or so ago. Jacob is wearing the same shirt he had on in his referral photos which were taken July 09.

I love the goofy side of Joey(gray shirt, front row). They crack me up.
There are a couple more families on their way there now to get their little one's so hopefully we'll catch a glimpse of Jacob soon......ya I can like sleep at night and stop worrying....
I have a few more from a few years ago that I'll share tomorrow so come on back now ya'll ya hear!


  1. It looks like Joey might have spilled on his shirt. He was probably upset because of that. Plus this picture is not for his new family. He's probably a little nervous to meet you and thinking of that while posing for someone else's new dad. Hang in there!! Love, Lisa

  2. do they know you're coming?? having only adopted littles-- i've never had the experience of a child knowing their family is coming.

    ok-- so 1 week down-- that wasn't so bad??!!!
    and her eis a list of movies to watch to while away your time, becuase with 4 boys, i know you have lots of free time and twiddle your thumbs a lot:

    The Sorcerer's apprentice (PG??) fun movie
    Tangled (go borrow someone's little girl and take her-- you'll make her day, her mother's day, and yours!!!)
    Go see Voyage of the Dawn treader next friday with all 4 boys-- we are:) (ok- not with 4 boys because we only have 3- but we're taking nat!)
    umm- Knight and Day is a cute movie-- some language- so adults only
    and here is my chick flick list-- to be enjoyed with purely unhealthy snackage:

    Leap year (LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    The Proposal

    OH_- watch Karate Kid (not a chick Flick) -- it' will get you excited for China . OK- it will get you even more excited for China!!!!!!!!!!

    do you have coloring books and markers to bring???

    :) they are soooooooooooooooooo cute!

  3. You so deserve pics!! Lucky lucky you! I can't get anything of our little girl. Someone visited their orphanage and she was in a foster home which is news to us.

    Joey is adorable and wishing Jake had been there too.

  4. As best I know we got a picture of all the children in the model family. As there is another 'family' nearby, but not our daughter's only was there a fleeting thought of asking to go there as well - but no knowing if I would know anyone there....well - it was still an awesome day I know for at least a couple Moms.

  5. I know how hard that is. New pictures are always bitter-sweet! We never got a picture of Wesleigh smiling. I just don't think they tell the kids to smile. If you notice, none of them in the picture are smiling. I know it's so hard. I remember staring at the pictures for hours. It won't be long and you won't be able to wipe a smile off his face. Hang in there!

  6. LUCKY!!!

    I myself am wondering where Jacob would be.
    Prayer, my friend, prayer.

    Now, go vacuum to keep your mind from thinking on it.
    : )

    Blessings to you!!!

  7. It is just time that those sweet boys come home to mama!!! I just can't wait!!!

  8. This MUST be the week of pictures Sonia! Connie, you and me all in one week. SO cool!! Pictures are wonderful, but I can't wait to see the video, too. HOW FUN! I do understand your concern of Joey's smileless face and Jacob, too. This is where the wait becomes torture for a momma's heart. Keep trusting....keep hanging won't be long and you'll be waiving good-bye to all of us from 35,000 feet up and on your way. PRAYING for you now my friend!! HUGS!

  9. Gulp. I don't like the non-smiling faces. But, then I think... well, half the time I can't get my kids to smile, so maybe they were just annoyed that had to stop playing something fun and take a picture, so that is why they aren't smiling! Praying for your sweet boys... that both are safe and happy. Praying you get there SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. So did you notice that Tessa is beside Joey too? She is also in the other "older" photo...she has the puffy pants on in the front row. We always wonder about our children's lives before forever family (BFF)