Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Itinerary!....Need Your Input it is!(along with my thoughts on how this will go)

I need your input....our three sightseeing go or not to go....that is the question.
(our 3 sightseeing tours that come standard with our choice, must pay. Argh.)

January 15th: Arrive in GZ!
We arrive off of the plane all hopped up on adrenaline, 4 kids tagging along behind us, John and I smile at each other, birds sing, flowers bloom, a rainbow appears over us and we are glad we brought all the boys.

January 16th: Free Day
Adrenaline starting to wear off, jet lag beginning to set in, but we're still ridiculously happy and can't wait for tomorrow! We'll spend this day getting our bearings before we get the boys the following day- we're gonna have tea with someone named Susan, eat a dumpling or 12 at the 7-11 and try to convince the kids to not spend all of their money on the first day.

January 17th: GOTCHA DAY 2:30pm!
Oh my goodness, I am now the mother of 6 BOYS! 
I will try my hardest not to ugly cry all over them..I don't want to get snot on their shirt the first day.(it's important to save some things for the second day)

January 18th: Civil Affairs Office - the boys officially become ours!
We've hit our stride, all is going well, the kids are all behaving impeccably. Life is good. We are still glad the boys are ALL with us.....or it could go the other way.....and John and I could be realizing that we waaayyy overestimated our parenting abilities and we begin to wonder what on earth we were thinking bringing 6 boys to the other side of the world......and he and I are no longer smiling at each other.

January 19th: Sightseeing tour Chen Family Temple & TB Test
We're becoming braver and more adventurous in the form of food....except Jason and Justin who are still on a white rice & ice cream diet...and are quite happy about it.

January 20th: Orphanage visit
Words will probably fail me this day.

January 21st: Sightseeing tour to Yuntai park
The hotel rooms are becoming smaller by the hour....and the smell of 6 boys in aforementioned hotel rooms....ummmm...well, I'm just glad I packed Febreeze.

January 22nd: Visa, Medical exam
I  will have just spent 3 hours at the clinic with Jacob & Joey while John stays back at the hotel with the other kiddos. But through it all I am EVER so glad that we now have the right to waive the in country immunizations.

January 23rd: Sightseeing tour to Zhong Shan Memorial Hall
Everything is starting to look the same and every day is ground hog day. 

January 24th: Get passports & Jason's 14th Birthday!
Pearl River tonight to celebrate our oldest getting a little bit older.

January 25th: Take the oath
Are we home yet? I wanna go home? Are we there yet? How bout now? Now are we there yet?

January 26th: Free Day
If I never eat rice again my entire life that would be ok. 

January 27th: Get the Visa's & Depart for HK nice. Sad to see the birth country of my boys in the rear-view as the train pulls away and I wonder if we will be back.....


  1. Once again, you totally crack me up!
    And I can't wait to see your itinerary in real life!!
    : )

  2. You are too funny! And I'm with you on the immunizations. We had to do that last year with Amarin...not fun!

  3. Sonia, my husband and I are laughing out loud at your itinerary and your thoughts on how things might go. Yep, you will be ecstatic and running on adrenaline at first. Yep, by the last few days you will be entirely ready to get home and discover what your new "normal" will be once you get there. Everything in between....well, just take it a day at at time. Maybe even a moment at a time! I learned that's what I had to do. ANd I found myself crying at bizarre times (all of the moms in our travel group did at one point or another. In my case, at many points). The emotion of it all--mixed with the fatigue, stress, physical illness (at least in our case with our older daughter), and the unknown--can really catch you off guard. You, however, absolutely seem to already know this, and your sense of humor (and your great big GOD!) will carry you through. I SO cannot wait to read your posts from China!

  4. oh girl-- you are funny!!! ireally think your boys will rock on the plane-- if our 7 year old can do it with a smile- yours can too:) in fact-- all the older sibs on our trip (all girls, ages 5-7) rocked. and it was insanely hot-- you'll have gorgeous weather!!!

    ok-- i am mailing you a check and the tea bag tomorrow! i know you can talk dong down on the tea-- don't take ANYONE'S 1st price!!!!! and yes-- you'll need to pace yourself.

    i would suggest going on the tours-- otherwise you'll be stone bored-- and it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice in GZ this time of year.

    don't forget to cross the bridge from shaimain island to GZ and go to the pet and medicinal markets.

    what else...
    hmmm can't wait girl!!!!!!!!!!!! you leave in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. As long as you pack your sense of humor you will do great!! ABSOLUTELY DO THE TOURS!!! Not only will you learn more about the culture your boys are will keep you from going stir crazy in your room!

    If you can...take the boys to the Safari Park! They will love it!!

    Go get those boys home already!!

  6. Yes, you have indeed read too many of our adoption travel blogs haven't you????

    The Yuntai Park is great. But I second that you need to do the Safari Park with all those boys. It is just fun and gets rid of one whole groundhog day, but you MUST stay for the circus. We left around 1pm for the park and then the Circus is around 7pm. We ate ate the cafe at the Circus, food was fine.

    BTW we never ate rice in China!

  7. Still hoping for TA tomorrow and being there with you! Robert is now not going, only little ol me! I will need you and you will need some estrogen!

  8. Yes, go on all the tours. See all you can. You probably will go back...but all the boys might not go next time. :) You know for the girl (s)... :)
    If you can go to the temple, you should. Sometimes people won't go...but I think it's important for your boys to see that other religions are serving non living things. It will change your life to see them bowing to dead gods. Some parents have their child blessed by a monk but we didn't. We stood back and watched and prayed for those around us.

    Are you going to the pearl market? On the island, find Hebe. I think her shop is now called Amy's place. Tell her I sent ya. If she doesn't have something you want, she will find it. You can get suitcases pretty cheap to bring your gifts home. Hebe speaks really good English...and always gave me the very best prices on the island. I never had to bargain with her. Get the boys a jade ship...and for sure a chop (have them carve their Chinese name on the bottom of the chop and then on top, their new American name...or whatever you want). A chop is like a stamp. Other things to buy for boys...chess sets and flutes. Make sure you get silk outfits...for Chinese New year celebrations...even if they only wear the top and jeans with it. I'm sure there are other things that you will see that looks like a boy gift. :)

    So exciting!!! I can't wait.

  9. You will do great and have a blast!! I say, definitely do all your tours. It's the little tiny taste of their birth country that the boys will get. Plus, you're right - you will DEFINITELY be wanting to get out of the rooms!

  10. We decided last minute to go to the Guangzhou City Zoo. We thought it was great and it's something the boys will enjoy. I've heard great things about the Safari Park also, but we didn't go.

  11. Just found your blog.... can't wait to follow your journey! We are right behind you... awaiting TA!!

  12. So great! I can't wait!! I think you'll definitely want to do the outings. You certainly aren't going to want to hang out in the rooms all day, and I don't see those boys being super interrested in shopping for all that time!

    I was nervous about bringing my three, but they were great! We sat them down before we left and explained that this trip was not about them. We were so happy to be able to bring them but I couldn't really prepare them for what was going to happen/food that would be offered/etc., so they were just going to have to rise to the occassion. I let them know that my focus was going to be Wesleigh because she was going to be going through alot. They were awesome and definitely rose to the occasion. I know yours are younger (and MORE of them), but I would totally tell them what you expect and let them rise to the occassion!! I can't wait to read all about it. I know you will have some hysterical posts!!

  13. Hi there!! I love reading your blog!! We took our two boys when we brought their brother home in 2008 and then took all 3 boys when we brought their sister home last month!! The BEST thing we learned from our first trip with the kids is needing home FOOD that kids will eat! On this trip we brought an ENTIRE suitcase (small one) full of food. Ramon noodles, protein bars, bread and peanut butter and honey or jelly. Trail mix, crackers and nuts..etc..anything not perishable on the trip. It went through customs just fine! And the kids were happy to eat it all and we had an extra suitcase for souveniers we bought!! Having the kids along was GREAT for our newer kids!!

  14. Hilarious! Sounds like a great trip! In a way, I am envious that you are staying in GZ the whole time. We will have 2 different provinces to visit in order to receive our boys before we get to GZ. I think we will be worn out by GZ, LOL!

    I am officially living vicariously through you now since I STILL don't have our 800's!!! :0( It will come, right???

  15. Sounds about right! We took our 4 kids when we adopted Grace...truly loved it and were so grateful that they were all with us (of course we also took my husband's parents with us to help!).

    Blessings and prayers for you as you get oh-so-very-close to your boys.

  16. I can hardly wait to meet you all in Hong Kong!
    Happy New Year!
    Love & Blessings,