Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm throwing in the towel...

...on trying to figure out where my kids live.
They seem happy,
They seem healthy,
They are apparently very sweet boys,
and that's just gonna have to be enough for me for now.

Another sweet family that is over there adopting their precious boy visited one of the family homes yesterday,
had McDonald's delivered to the home for a special treat(how great is that?!!)
and I just woke up to a bunch of new photos....

I'll give you one guess as to what two certain someone's were there....

Yep, seated directly across from one another at the table.
Joey yellow sweater,
Jacob enjoying a mouth full of french fries at the other end of the table.....
with 8 other children.....coincidentally the number that live in one home.

So do they live together?
Do they not live together?
Ummm, no idea.
But somehow I'm ok with that.

Course it could have a lot to do with the fact that now two families in one week have said what cuties and sweet boys they are.....and sent me lots and lots of pictures......and video.....and more video coming soon...

If I were in some kind of information blackout right now I would be sitting in the corner sucking my thumb and rocking back and forth.
(Just keepin it real....)

Praise you Father that you put people in place exactly at the moments that I would need it.
Soli Deo Gloria!


  1. dude! i recognized them before who said who was who--- go me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm starting to be able to pick them out in a crowd too! :) Such cuties! So excited for them to come home!!!

  3. It is so frustrating being a oarebt half way around the worls from you children.

    When we adopted Anna I asked them not to shave her head anymore- they told me I could not ask that and they continued to shave her head-ugh...

    We just found out Ava is in foster care... in another city... The pics we got are not new and they are confusing- one minute she has hair... the next she doesn't. Needless to say I am concerned...

    The point is- ya just gotta get them home asap. I know, I know your trying!

    This is when the wait really gets grueling.

    Once they're home this will be a distant memory- PTL!

  4. Aren't you so thankful that we have a heavenly Father that loves us and knows the plans He has for us. Keep clinging to Him!!