Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Their New Room!

We should be seeing some new pictures and/or video of the boys sometime on Thursday! There are two families over there right now each adopting girls from the boys orphanage.

This incredible amount of "access" to our kids has made such a world of difference during these last two months. Family after family has headed their direction bringing back more information, photographs and video and that makes this momma's heart feel goooood.

I sent a small package.....and by small I mean as much as I could humanly stuff into a gallon size ziplock bag......with one of the families to take to the boys. Thanks Amy!

Here's the picture of their latest care package:

There's no picture.
I was so excited I forgot to take it.

Anyhoo, in that I also included a bunch of photos of our house, their room

(if we weren't moving wherever the Air Force sends us this summer I'd slap a big old baseball player Fat Head up on the wall but alas, it'll have to wait until their next room.)

The twins and Jacob and Joey will share a room for now with one set of them sleeping on trundles that will be pulled out from the other bed. Then when we move we'll re-evaluate and see how everyone is doing and what's what.

Their playroom
which always.....ahem......never looks this nice and tidy.
Is that considered false advertising you think?

....don't cha just want to reach into that photo and pick up those stray legos that are hanging out on the floor by the basket???!!.....no?.....it's just me?.....ok......I'll try and let that go...

And of course we included some more family pictures along with a letter telling them when exactly we would be there, that we would be staying in a hotel for two weeks, and more about what to expect.

I can't wait to see their little faces when they get their package! We've sent things to them before but never recieved any photos back so we have missed out on how they react to it all.

Is it Thursday yet?!


  1. I'm so glad your toy room doesn't always look like that. I am not sure if ours ever has. :)

  2. LOVE their room!!! I was thinking I need a trundle....
    And I'm insanely jealous that you have a playroom!
    I know you want to move to FL, but I'm thinking I'm rooting for Japan...

  3. I just think it is so great that you have been able to have "contact" with your boys! What a thoughtful thing to send them photos of their home. I am sure they will be so excited and that will help with the transition!! You are a great momma!! :)

  4. Well, it looks all boy! But, I'm sure that is a cliche to you, the mom of 6 boys. I know how exciting it is. I was experiencing all of this exactly a year ago. I left for China on 1/29. Hard to believe its been a year already.

  5. Fun bedroom! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a message. We're still waiting for our CA confirmation, but we're tentatively planning on leaving the 14th. Are your sons in Chongqing, too? Or maybe we'll meet in GZ?

  6. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. :) I was looking at your two sweet boys waiting in China...oh.my.word...they are PRECIOUS! How exciting that you are going to be getting them in a few weeks!! woohoo!!

  7. Hello -- just found your blog 'by chance' ;) I see that you have a son in the Guangdong province. We are adopting a little girl from there!!! Our third adoption. BUT I'm wondering where your son is exactly and possibly if he's where my daughter is. Could you please contact me -- mandswoller@aol.com Thanks -- I'll be praying for your travels! We were in China in Jan. last year. Perfect weather in GZ -- freezing in Beijing! Sarah

  8. I have to admit, when I was looking at the picture before I read below it, I was thinking I wish I could just grab those few legos and throw them in the basket. :) Our playroom is the basement and we(I) really clean and put things away about once a month.

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