Friday, December 31, 2010

It's My Blog and I'll Cry If I Want To

Today I spent the better part of the morning sitting in front of my computer refreshing my email, my Facebook, my yahoo orphanage group site and the blogs of two families that were traveling to the SWI yesterday and bringing the boys their little package.

They must have gotten in late and are understandably exhausted.
As much as I am looking forward to that trip, I am also dreading the getting there and back.
It's 2.5 hours from GZ. Yuck.
I'll go back to refreshing late tonight anticipating the new photos!

Anyhoo, around 11 or so I decided to abandon the cause seeing as how it was approaching 1am over there, in favor of taking the boys fishing.
It is after all December 31st and 71 degrees what better thing to do than go fish!
I headed up to put the hair in a pony to head out and that's when it happened.....


It happened.


My poor husband who came to my rescue after hearing the commotion could only stand there and take in the sprawling mess that was his wife at the bottom of the stairs.


A crying heap of idiotness.
I slipped on one of the kids toys and my bottom.....ahem...lower huuurrrrting right now
but my pride hurts even more.
One of these days I'll learn how to walk down stairs.

We're off for fishing fun take 2!
At least my hair is already rockin the pony so the danger inherent in leaving the house seems to have passed.


  1. The older you get the less you bounce when you fall. It just plain hurts more!! Sorry to hear you fell, no fun and I can so relate!!!

  2. I did that a few years ago on my parents wooden basement stairs. ouch. I can feel your pain. Better now than in a few weeks, though! No fun to sit for that many hours on a plane with a sore bottom...

  3. Don't you DARE break a leg!! You're going to China in 2 weeks!!!
    Just stay on ground level. Better yet, don't go anywhere!

    : )

    Hope your backside feels better.

  4. AH! Hope you're okay now! Miss you!

  5. OHH! I was so afraid you were going to say that you broke something! Whoa, wouldn't that be bad?

    I am sorry to hear you fell. I tend to only do that when I am great with child. But wait!!! You are!!! Great with 2!!!

    (At least you didn't have to call the OB. ;0)

  6. I am laughing because I titled a post this before we traveled last year ;) I am so sorry you fell, but so thankful you weren't seriously hurt. Can you picture hobbling around China on crutches with 6 boys?!?! Lord!!

    Hang in there! You're so close!!

  7. Oh so happy you haven't broken anything...or I hope you didn't. I broke my foot when I was 9 months pregnant (with the now 12 year old) stepping on my toddlers shoe (who is now almost 6 ft tall and 15 years old). Thought you were going to tell me a similar story. Try being in labor with a broken foot. And flying on a plane for 15 hours is for sure labor. Stay safe, my friend. :)