Thursday, December 9, 2010

Updates on the boys and Jacob found!.....kinda!

So after going crazy being ever so slightly concerned as to Jacob's whereabouts I contacted Gifts to China with Love (love them!) and ordered an orphanage call to get a check up on the boys and specifically to find out if they had indeed separated the boys or what on earth the story was.

They still live together in the family home(foster home). 
Still doesn't make sense that he wasn't there, or why they told my friend that all the children that lived there were there when Jacob wasn't.
But nonetheless, at least I know he's ok, not sick, not missing, and not moved somewhere else.
Praise the Lord and a Hallelujah!
It's so true that it is impossible to know everything and this lack of control I have over my own kiddos is such a weird experience to be living.

Anyhoo, along with the news that they still do indeed live together we recieved new measurements.
And.......well.......let's just say that the Toddler department at Stuff Mart and I are about to become good friends.
As in 4T and 5T.
They are teeny tiny. 
Here are the deets:

Jacob 7 years old:
HEIGHT:109cm, (4 feet tall)
WEIGHT体重:19kg,(37 pounds)
HEAD C头围:49cm, 
CHEST C       胸围:56cm  

Joey 6 1/2 years old: 
HEIGHT :104cm (3 1/2 feet tall)
WEIGHT体重:15kg,(33 pounds)
HEAD C:头围:48cm
CHEST C  胸围:54cm

Though we haven't gotten them much, mainly because we are waiting to see them in person and then see what size they are, I did obviously need to pick up a few things just for that first day or two but I'm not thinking those couple pair of size 6 regular pants are going to anywhere near fit them. 
Back to the drawing board.....errr shopping cart.


  1. Well, I know that makes you feel better. Just thought I'd share that the Stuff Mart does carry pants with adjustable waists, which I highly recommend for the small kiddos. Ivy is now a whopping 45 pounds and has made it into a size 7 slim/adjustable waist. While in China, she wore a 5 slim. They barely made it through the winter in length, but the waist still fits her. Adjustable waists pants are my best friend with my 3 girls.

  2. Size 6 pants for Jacob with adjustable waists and 4-5's for Joe. Wal mart is great and cheap just to get you through. Trust me you will want your sons in American style clothing when you get them and while in China. Email me if you want more suggestions.

  3. Oh wow, they are teeny. But you will "big" them up when they get home, which we are really ready for! Could you tell China to get a move on?
    :@ Kaye

  4. Great to hear that you got some news on Jacob. Do you have definite travel dates?

  5. I was wanting to make them lounge pants, but really didn't know what size. I am thinking about what I made for the twins last year or smaller? Or should I just wait.

  6. You don't know how relieved I am!!
    About Jacob that is.

    Thanks for the update!!!
    : )


  7. You are going to be just fine :O)
    just a little thought.. with the pants.. the height part.. it all depends on if they get it in their legs or waist ;o) remember when you saw Daniel.. he is in 6 slims but I still sinch that waist up LOL. but he needs that size for the lenght. again, just a thought.
    And of course Drew has been home 2 yrs and JUST got in 3T's :O) and I was SO happy this Fall!!
    I'm thinking Sally has it pretty right with sizing.. I;ll check the boys weight's and heights this weekend.

  8. So very relieved for news about Jacob, I know that takes away some fear and worry from your waiting heart. Lord please be with Jacob and Joey and keep them hidden in the shadow of your mighty wing!

    I think Sally is on with the sizes. I'd say Jacob will need every inch of length of a size 6 SLIM! (He is the exact weight of Teddi, but 4 inches taller)--she wears a 5, and they are none too long.) Joey sounds like a 4T, with a definite need for an adjustable waist. It might be good to get a pair or two of warm-up style pants, they usually seem to have a smaller waist--and they'd be comfy for flying HOME!!!! Ooooooh, doesn't that sound good? :)

    Happy shopping! You are getting oh so close my friend.

    Hugs from Texas~


  9. They are so tiny! Nathan is 3 ft tall and weighs 36 lbs! i will send you some hand-me-downs in a few months-ha! So excited for you guys...I can't wait to read the post that says you can go pick them up...with these pregnancy hormones I bet I will be in tears of excitement for days for you guys!!!