Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jacob & Joey the Early Years

So I think my obsessing, worrying,..ahem.....intensive thinking about where Jacob was(reference yesterday's post) has gotten worse over the last 24 hours....not better.
The more I think about it, the less and less it makes any sense that he wasn't there.
Hope to have an answer in the next day or so as my friend that is over there right now is going to ask his daughter and show her Jacob's picture to see if she knows if he still lives there or if he was moved somewhere.
Gracious I am so anxious to find out.

In better news, my friend mentioned that there was one little boy that stole his wife's heart and that she would have scooped him up in a heartbeat if he were available for adoption. I didn't think too much of that comment when I read it on our orphanage group site....mainly because I was frantically scrolling through all of the photos....but as it turns out she was talking about Joey! He is apparently "Mr. Personality" and was so, so sweet! Oh how that did my heart good to hear that!

The family also mentioned how petite their new daughter is and in one of the group shots Joey is at least a head and a half shorter than she so I think he's actually much tiny-er than we originally thought. I guess we'll find out soon!

As I mentioned yesterday, the family took a few pictures of pictures that were up on the walls in the orphanage and the foster home and in those pictures I found a couple of cute faces staring back at me including what is so far the youngest picture we have of the boys. They can't be more than 3 and a half/4 years old here. What do you think? (Jacob green sweater, Joey brown/blue striped sweater)

I think I want to go back in time and scoop them right on up and kiss those sweet little toddler cheeks!

This one was taken just last month at what looks to be a big park of some kind. Do take note of how in every photo they are right next to each other, love that!
Brothers right from the start!

And that's all I know for today! Hopefully sometime tomorrow we'll have some hot of the presses video of the foster home and Joey and maybe an answer as to Jacob's whereabouts.


  1. what is it with the Chinese and the peace sign in pictures??:) natalie LOVED doing that in China when she posed-- oh-- a half a million times for pictures with random people-- and she still tries to do it here:) man-- they are so cute-- hon-- they could do some serious trouble when they get home and get away with it!!! i know. i have 2. they get away with a lot.

    any rumors on TA??? do you have blogging all set?? have you started to pack???

    becuase you know if you don't pack now- you'll be up till 2 AM the night before cramming stuff in saying,"i WISH i had listened to Emily and packed a couple of weeks ago..."

    just sayin'....

  2. It's impossible not to obsess at this point. You're stuck over here with nothing to do but worry (and Christmas shop, and take care of 4 boys). We both know that those other things take a backseat! Any news on when you might be traveling? I just think it's amazing that you're getting both of them!! So awesome!

  3. Awesome that you were able to get pics of them younger!! I know exactly what you mean about going back...that's kind of how I've felt with Kaleb's toddler look and now his Kdg look. But I betcha I'll be asking for baby pics too. I sure hope I can get some from the orphanage when we go.

    I sooo understand your concern about Jacob. I'd have a hard time just being "ok" with not knowing. Praying you can get more info and peace about where he is Sonia!! HUGS!!

  4. It is so hard mothering from half way across the world! We need to get you there asap and hug those boys of yours!! I hope and pray they did not move him.

    Let us know when you find out.

    We just found out our daughter was moved to a foster home. Friends were there and took pics but she was no where to be found. So bummed... Pics are like my lifeline...

    Sam is the first one being adopted from his orphanage. There is no info anywhere about where he is from- oh my I gotta get there! Quick...