Sunday, December 26, 2010

What's in a picture.....

So I have never met the boys....
but it is quite fun to see,
over the photos of them and try and glean at least a bit of their personality out of them.

Photos like this for instance:

and this

and sometimes you just know.

That they are silly.
That they are goofy.
That they are beyond cute.

And it's hard.
It's hard not to impress upon them some kind of preconceived notion of how they will be
of how they will react
of how they will respond to us.

I think that they will do well.
I think that there are a number of factors that are playing in our favor that will hopefully make this transition as easy as it can possibly be.
But I don't really know.
I won't ever really know
until we get there.

Until these pictures become people. 

And I have to remind myself that
it's not their job to fulfill the roles that I think that they will play in our family.
It's not their job to be the people that I have made them out in my head to be.
It's not their job to be anybody except

And how that fact meshes with the ideal that has been forming in my head over the past 10 months is where the rubber meets the road so to speak.
And that is where all of this adoption talk becomes our families adoption reality.
And I don't have any clue what that reality will actually look like.

Keeping me up at night?
Worth it? 
Change a thing? 
Not on your life.

21 Days till Gotcha Day.


  1. I am so excited for you!! I remember staring into those pictures...trying to read their souls. I remember right after we got Wesleigh. She was laying in her bed and I was right beside her. She was staring at me like I had started at that picture for all those hours. I felt like she was trying to read my soul. It was so amazing. I can't wait to follow your journey! Everyone in China thought I was the bomb because I was blonde and had 3 boys! You are going to blow them away!!! lol...

  2. 21 days and you will see how these precious will become members of YOUR family!!! He will bless each and everyone of you and will be with you, alongside of you each and every step of this faithful journey you are on!!!

    Can't wait and just hoping I am there with you too!!!

  3. I do the same thing- sometimes it is as I thought it would be and sometimes- oh my- God has a different plan than I expected.

    In the end- all the questions you ask- the answers are still the same- it is oh so worth it!!

  4. Looks to me like you better eat your Wheaties!

  5. Love this post! You have it EXACTLY right. When we brought our 3 home from Ethiopia 18 months ago, reality hit when we realized that the children in the photos and in our minds were so different from the children God chose for our family. We are trying hard to minimize the pre-conceived ideas and expectations this go around. So hard not to do when you spend hours trying to gleen anything you can about them from those handful of photos. Especially love your last paragraph about it being challenging, keeping you up at night, but totally worth it! Blessings to your family! - Sherry Semlow

  6. Awesome post. Thanks for sharing! Always great to have reminders of this. Can't wait until Gotcha Day! :)

  7. Oh Sonia, you said it so well!! I remember before Lizzie came home a wonderful family took video of her for us and told me to expect tears on "Gotcha" day. They said that she was very timid and shy! Yeah right!! Lizzie is far from shy and never timid!!! She is large and in charge and will let you know it if you do anything that displeases her - loudly!! LOL!!! Nothing like we expected but she just fits in here SO well!!!! I can't imagine her any other way! They will be who they are and they will be perfect for your family because the Lord chose your family for them!!!! I just cannot wait to see them with their beautiful new family! Oh and their are some blogs that get dropped from my blog list sometimes too!! Drives me crazy!!

  8. I so can't wait to hear your adoption reality as it unfolds. Thinking about you as you wait just a little longer...


  9. Oh, the anticipation! Eagerly awaiting their arrival...God will weave you all together perfectly.

  10. Wow six boys!
    How Exciting!
    Just found your blog and am super excited to follow your journey!

  11. Oh, how I have missed reading your blog!
    I am glad to be!

    Anyway, I am so sure that your these two little ones will be just who they are created to be!

    I can not wait to see how all of you embrace each other and day by day become a family!

    Really? Only 21 more days??? Are you pumped, or what????


  12. Wow, Sonia, you are speaking some of the very things that have been on my heart lately. I have been thinking that soon and very soon the rubber will be meeting the road when all the adoption talk becomes adoption walk. It reminds me of how wonderful a wedding engagement is (or at least mine was) when the couple is planning and dreaming of the wedding and registering for all the pretty dishes and even the colors for the bathroom towels. But really, the effort should be in preparing for being a helpmeet in marriage and learning to die to self and put someone else first daily. I often think of that during the excitement of the journey to adoption, as we (my family) clebrate every little milestone getting us closer and closer to our precious little guys. I like how you phrased it: adoption reality. I have no idea what our adoption reality will be like, and sometimes that is a little scary. OK, maybe a lot, LOL. But regardless, the Lord is always faithful, and I know I can trust Him, no matter what the adoption reality is really like.