Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Backpack.

I think so often while paperchasing you obsess over envision how exactly things will go down whilst you are on your adoption trip.
And for us it just so happens.....barring the losing Justin incident that we still aren't talking about.... {shivers}....
ours went kinda like I thought it would.

Happy boys.
Happy family.

But then there is the little things like
-I forgot to take a picture in the airport when we landed in GZ..who knew that being on a plane for 15 hours would cause one to not think entirely clearly....
-I forgot to go find that shop that is run by volunteers whose profits support the orphans left behind.
-I didn't get a picture of the boys with that statue of all the kids in the row on the island.

and then there are the even littler things that you think that you will do....but you don't.

like dig through their backpacks that first day. 

I would have thought that on that first night after their bath, after they were sleeping soundly in their brand new jammies that I would have torn through those gigantically loaded backpacks to see what they came with....
but I didn't.
Well, instead

It was like my brain just turned off.
So much emotion.
Such a culmination of nearly a years worth of longing and long distance love.
Such a powerful day.
And my brain had had enough and

Truth be told those backpacks sat against the wall in that hotel room for the next 10 days until we were packing to head home.
And that's finally when I saw this

A scroll.
A scroll that turned out to be this inside

I know.

Precious right?
Turns out this is an advertisement for the school that they attended.

According to our guide, the advertisement talks about how large the school is, the amenities that they offer, the fact that they teach English and how high the test scores are.
If you know anything about the social makeup of China and the way that orphans are viewed there, the fact that they chose my baby as one of the children they would use to promote their school is nothing short of amazing.

All of this to say, if you are heading to China, check your kiddos backpack....
you just never know what might be hiding in there for you.

As for the missing airport and statue picture.......I'm thinking that's what photoshop is for. :)


  1. Photoshop works wonders!!

    There is so much you could do- it's okay to miss a few of them!!

    Did ya make it to Starbucks?? Well then, all is right in the world!!

    Yes- We never found a treasure like that in our backpack- But I too have waited to unveil the contents. I'm always surprised at what is and is not in there...

  2. That face.
    I'm not one bit surprised.

    I didn't do the kids in a row photo either.

    I guess we better go again!!!
    Are you ready yet? I'll give you a couple more months.
    Then I'll ask ya.
    : )

  3. OMG!! Tessa JiXing has one of these too!! I have had the original laminated for safe keeping. Did Jacob go there too? Did you get a photo of their graduation from the school?


  4. So sweet to have that. I did not go through Ivy's back pack for quite some time. I was afraid of what I'd find, or that she would catch me. But, we had lots of artwork. Precious.

  5. That smile ... melts my heart!

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