Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's How We Roll.

It's how we roll around here.

With 6 boys in this house it was inevitable that they were either going to all be sports fans or
competitive eaters
there wasn't any way I was going to spend my evenings at the dining room table judging who could shove the most hot dogs and sauerkraut into their mouths....
so sports it is.
Consequently, as my husband so -ahem- eloquently, said in the middle of shooting an adoption promo for our church the other day,
"There are a lot of balls in our house."

No I am not kidding.
He really said that.

Yes I am still mortified
and I remain in a constant state of prayer that they will edit that part out before it is aired.
Edit my friend I beg of you.
Puh-lease edit. 

Truly, there are indeed a lot of balls in our house....and by that he meant that we have near every sporting equipment ever made.....ahem....just so we are clear about that.
Put a baseball glove in their hand,
and a pot roast in their stomach and they are happy people.

One of their favorite times of year is the fantasy drafts.
They get together, select their players, organize their teams, manage the positions, every sport, every season.
just kidding
Skeet shooting
still kidding
and most recently, baseball.

So it was only a matter of time before we branched out.
May I present to you
The Lego Man Draft.
oh yeah baby.

Because when your youngest four boys are consistently having arguments firm, in-depth discussions as to whose Lego guy is whose, you problem solve.

Thus was born, the Lego Man Draft of 2011.

This beats the heck out of competitive eating any day.


  1. Love the Lego man draft!!! I think my football loving hubby would be up for playing Legos with the boys if the word "draft" was involved!!!

  2. Being a former Fantasy Football participant myself (back in the day when I could sit down for 5 minutes) I think your idea to draft Lego men is ingenious.

    As for the soundbite in the adoption video? Classic.

  3. Oh My Gravy that is FUNNY! In our house we've got a sports kid and a car/truck kid who frankly couldn't care less unless its got wheels! And the one who loves slick wheels could easily be a vegetarian (he and I get along ~GREAT~ in the food department!) while Mr. Golden Child of Sports Kingdom is intent on eating me out of house and home! I can't wait to meet Dalton and find out which side he's going to be on!

  4. I even had to call Jeremy over to read this, I found it so funny. We both enjoyed the post:)

  5. So fun to catch up on your life with your sweet boys! Of course I can never come here and not laugh out loud. Love seeing your boys continue to blossom in your family. When is the move to SD again? Blessings my friend!

  6. We really should be neighbors!

  7. That is so great!!! And I'm with JulieM above... You are always making me laugh!

  8. I love this! Legos, hot wheels, and yes...BALLS...makes an awesome "boy house"! Add a couple of nerf guns and you have heaven!!

    I think this is makes me miss my little boys. They grow up too fast and trade the lego men in for...girls!! blechhh!!!!!

  9. I couldn't find your email to relpy to the comment you left on my blog, so I'm writing it here :)

    You just like seeing all those faces on my blog because it lets you know you're not the only crazy mom in this world!! lol... It still overwhelms me when they all pop up!!

  10. LOVE it!!!! We have a lot of um balls around here too - sports balls!! Soccer being the fav but they will play anything! I think the Lego man draft is a hoot!

  11. Oh my word! I just discovered your blog and I'm so happy I did! You're so funny! We just started the paper work for our third adoption, this time we'll be bringing home, hopefully, a 7-9 year old boy. So I'm hoping to get a lot of input from you. We have two older bio daughters, and then we adopted a Non-SN baby girl 8 years ago, followed by a SN (cl/cp) 3.5 year old boy 6 years ago. We think he really needs a brother. Thanks so much for putting it all out there for me!

    God bless!
    Colleen in PA

  12. Colleen will you please email me? Thanks so much, look forward to talking with you!

  13. LOVE the balls comment!
    Too funny!!

    Loving the Lego Man draft! I'll have to remember that.

  14. The Dad was just being honest!!

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  16. sweet! can't wait to tell the boys about this one ;o)