Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Check it out!

I've been published.......errrr.......blogished?
I dunno.

But regardless, you can catch my heart-buh-reaking post on what the boys were really thinking over at
We are Grafted In 

Go check it out and ya know....leave a comment....I'm having a bad hair day so it'll make me feel better.
Your such a friend, thanks.


  1. You go! But FYI, the link didn't work. I know how to find it though!

  2. Happy to hear of the major breakthrough in communication.

    My best friend in the whole world, though caucasian, is fluent in Mandarin and would happily speak over the phone ANY time for any major or minor communication deal.

    Definitely drop me an email if you would like more details.

    I enjoyed the article.

    Also, speaking of Mandarin, no pun intended, there's a graphic worth looking at here:

    snip: Are Americans possibly facing a linguistic disadvantage in the future?


    = = =

  3. I saw that on that site yesterday and thought "hey i know that girly!" :) It was a great post!

    You are a spot of sunshine {I almost wrote sushi...lol} in my day when I read your blog posts, Sonia! God bless.

  4. I loved that post!! Good job gettin published!! I'll check it out!!

  5. Yay! Very exciting! I just love reading your posts :)