Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Months home with Jacob & Joey.

Somedays it seems like they are still the new kids on the block
hold on a sec
I suddenly feel the need to break out in song.....
Step by step....oooooo babyyyy gonna get to you girrllllll..
I was raised in the 80's.
I can't help myself.
And somedays I forget that they spent their first 6 & 7 years institutionalized.

What grips me is that they will be 13 & 14 years old before we even "break even".
Meaning that they will be 13 & 14 before their days with a family become greater than their days as orphans.


Adoption is most definitely a marathon
a sprint.

Our bio kids were raised on Blue's Clues & Little Bear.
They were raised on Pokemon and inappropriate Chinese soap opera's.
There's still a lot of love and re-training, joy and healing to bring them.
But even at only 5 months home they are so settled.
So peaceful.

We've learned a lot from these two.

Did you know that if you leave the peels of the 8.2 million oranges you eat everyday up on the windowsill to dry in the sun for a few days that they will make a tasty snack?

Yeah. Me neither. But tis true.

Did you know that referring to yourself in the third person all the time
Joey go bathroom.
Joey have water?
Joey go to park.
Joey go swimming.
Joey hungry.
is slightly irritating?
But he's cute.
So we still like him.

They both started a summer reading program at the base school 2 days after we arrived.
They love it.
I love it.
The teachers love them.
As pre-jail Martha would say...It's a good thing.

Joey's in the kindergarten summer program and we are having him repeat 1st grade in the fall.

Ignore the shirt.

I don't know what kind of egotistical mother would buy such a thing

Jacob is in the 1st grade summer program and we are having him repeat 2nd grade in the fall.

He will be none to happy about that.
This kid is wicked smart.
But third grade is such a big leap academically
and with his early September bday
we...and his teachers....feel this is absolutely the right decision.

So that's the 5.
Lovin life
Lovin God
Lovin them.
And everyday humbled by the fact that the Creator would choose two sinners like us
to parent two perfect creations of His. 

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11


  1. Love this post.
    You're's a marathon, not a sprint.
    Love you girl!!

  2. They are so stinking cute!!! Happy 5 months together! We are almost to our break even point with Claire...few more weeks and we will be there!!


  3. I like the way that you zoomed in on the t-shirt so we could ignore it better! :) It is amazing that the Lord would choose us to be His hands and feet. You and your hubby are a wonderful example!

  4. Cuteness overload, as usual :) Give those 2 handsome young men a hug from us and tell them Lily misses them!

  5. They do look happy!!! Good call on repeating the grades. What a blessing :) that you moved so socially that will be easier on them.

    I hadn't thought about what they watched on TV, China. Are they tied into those characters or are they willing to let it go? Blog post, please. :)

    Repeat: They look so HAPPY.

  6. Happy 5 months!! Too true about the marathon thing....still reminding myself of that sometimes.

    Interesting fact about the orange peels. :-)

    They are too cute!!

  7. Wow! 5 months! Yay!!! Oh, and by the way, when I'm singing the New Kids song tonight at midnight cause I can't get it out of my head...I'll be thinking of ya! ;) Hee hee! Have a great day!

  8. They are doing wonderfully! And they're so cute, too!!!

  9. thanks for your reply-loving how He perfectly provides. I'm happy for you!
    Oh man!!!! Let me tell you- we know all about referring to one's self in third person! Ha! I started saying, "Zinnia just say, I want to go with you please mommy." So now we are not only 3rd person but we now add I before her name :she says, "Mom, can I Zinnia please go with you....I Zinnia go potty....I zinnia eat....I zinnia swim....Oh my. I can't imagine them ever reading. You ENCOURAGED me today. thanks. I Laura:)

  10. Love the t-shirt! Glad they're doing so well. Very curious about the orange peel snack. :) Hugs and thinking of you!

  11. I'm only 2 months behind you in bringing home my two but you are SO MUCH better at keeping up with blogging that I. Maybe at 5 I'll have it down. :)
    We are doing the same with my 2 in school. And Isaiah is none to happy about it. But he'll thank us later...I'm hoping.
    P.S. Though I would never buy a shirt like that, hypothetically speaking, if I was just out one day, what shop should I meander myself into to find it? :)

  12. I've always compared the time my kids have been with us versus the time they spent as orphans as well. That day will come. You'll be amazed at the change and how far they've come and how far you've come too. Blessings to you!